Pheromones Enhance Mood, Self-Esteem, and Social Confidence … Instantly

  • Have you ever wished that you could feel relaxed and exude confidence throughout the day?
  • Or that you could walk into a roomful of strangers and feel perfectly at ease?
  • Would you like to draw people to you and win them over because of your personal magnetism?
  • Now it’s easier than ever with EroScent™—an exclusive Pheromone formula created to mimic the effect of human pheromones.

Pheromones produce positive mood changes

Whether you’re the president of a large corporation or a busy soccer mom, we all perform better when we feel confident, relaxed and attractive. On the other hand, when we’re irritable and tense nothing seems to go right.

Feelings and moods are complex. They’re influenced by weather, what we eat, how we sleep and pheromones. And pheromones, in turn, influence our personal and professional interactions and help define who we are.

Humans use pheromones—odorless, chemical messages that we continuously emit through our skin—to communicate, protect our children, and recognize and connect with each other, on what feels like an “intuitive” level. Pheromones may even explain why we feel comfortable with some people and have virtually nothing to say to other people; why we’re attracted to some people and repulsed by others. And, on a very basic level, pheromones—or lack of them—may even determine how we feel about ourselves; whether we’re friendly and optimistic or detached and pessimistic, whether we’re self confident or shy; and whether we’re easy-going or uptight.

A small amount of pheromones waft off your skin and into the air 24 hours a day. But imagine the possibilities if you could enhance your daily pheromone output—so that you could have a more positive outlook and feel like you’re in total control every day. Imagine that the people you interact with are friendly and positive…because they’re responding to your upbeat nature. Imagine that they’re drawn to you because of your body language…the expression on your face…the glow in your eyes.

Sound like a farfetched dream? It’s not. Based on twenty years of scientific research, a cutting-edge, natural health has produced an exclusive formula of pheromones, clinically tested and proven to get results. It really is possible to enhance your mood and improve your interpersonal relationships just by wearing EroScent™, a fragrance-free pheromone formula.

Continue reading about pheromones and the unique formula that could change your life…

What are pheromones?

Originally, scientists believed that pheromones (from the Greek, meaning “I carry excitement”) were chemical signals that function only in insects and animals. In the past several decades, however, scientists discovered that pheromones are a basic component of human interaction. We now know that pheromones play an important role in determining our moods and motivations, deepest feelings and fears, as well as dreams and desires.

Pheromones influence how we feel by sending signals to the hypothalamus. Often called the “brain’s brain,” the hypothalamus is the seat of emotional expression and regulates everything from fear to aggression to sex drive. In addition to controlling hormonal functions, the body’s water and salt balances, blood pressure, sugar and fat metabolism, the hypothalamus helps us react to people and situations.1 In fact, according to the authors of Love Scents: How your natural pheromones influence your relationships, your moods, and who you love, “Without a properly functioning hypothalamus, humans would be emotionally bankrupt.”

The mystery of our secret organ

Scientists are discovering that the hypothalamus plays a critical role in receiving pheromones through the vomeronasal organ (VNO) in the nose, and then triggering an emotion or response. Until recently, the VNO was assumed to be an important organ in animals, but a vestigial organ—leftover from primitive times and no longer needed or functional—in humans. But in 1994, Dr. David Berliner and his colleagues at the University of Utah discovered that 400 human subjects do indeed have a VNO, which, like in animals, detects pheromones and sends messages to the hypothalamus.

The human VNO, a tiny pit located on the divider between the nostrils, ranges in size from 0.1 to 2 millimeters. The opening isn’t always visible to the naked eye, but you might be able to see it by aiming a flashlight toward the front of the nasal cavity. That small, fleshy pit is the opening of the VNO. If you examined the VNO with a microscope, you’d find that the opening leads to a tube lined with columnar cells called pseudostratified columnar epithelium. Interestingly, these cells are not found anywhere else in the body!2 On the other hand, odors and scents are detected by olfactory epithelium cells within the nasal cavity.

Pheromones are picked up by the VNO, from where they are transmitted to the hypothalamus, reaching the brain in fractions of a second. The pheromonal message then elicits an emotion or response, without our thinking about it.

When synthesized human pheromones—such as those in EroScent™—are applied to your skin, the chain of events is the same, but very predictable, producing significant, positive mood changes—both in you and the people you interact with.

Feel more relaxed and alert

Louis Monti-Bloch, Ph.D, a scientist at the University of Utah, whose studies into how humans perceive pheromones have received international acclaim, has said that when he started working with synthesized human pheromones “I began to notice changes in myself. I felt different. I was working very late at night—it was past midnight. So, I went home and got up very early the next morning and I felt great! Later, when I was back in the lab, I found I could produce feelings of alertness in myself (in the presence of the substances).”

“Then I exposed myself to the substances intentionally. I felt very nice. I had decreased respirations and was in a state of calm. My muscles also relaxed,” said Monti-Bloch.3

The secret to a happier life

It’s common to joke about that dreaded birthday when you finally find yourself “over the hill.” Unfortunately, the body’s metabolism starts to slow down as early as our mid-thirties. Our DNA and cells suffer continuous free radical damage, our hormone production slows down, and our pheromone levels also gradually decline.

Think of it this way: your body is like a factory, producing dozens of chemicals that make us who we are, how we feel, and how we influence the nature of our relationships. A decrease in estrogen and testosterone levels has a profound effect on women and men. Likewise, a decrease in pheromone production can leave you feeling detached, irritable, unattractive, and lacking in self-confidence. Adding injury to insult, just because of the nature of our western society, we wash and scrub our clothes and bodies, applying perfumes, powders and deodorants—which wipe away our pheromones! It’s no wonder so many of us feel unattractive and moody so much of the time!

According to William Regelson, M.D., cancer and anti-aging researcher, Professor of Medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical University, and author of numerous books, “Just as hormone replacement therapy has helped millions restore muscle tone, bone density, vascular health and libido, pheromone replacement can help restore self esteem, youthfulness, sexual desirability, and a positive outlook.”

EroScent™ enhances the way we feel about ourselves and how others respond to us

“My normal experience, when I go out in public, is to have a feeling of wanting more connection with the people around me. When I’m in public spaces, I am quite aware of a vague sense of alienation…Since I’ve had a bottle of EroScent™, I’ve been testing it by putting it on for a few days and then not using it for a few days. I’ve even kept notes. Now, I have to admit that I get distinctly more friendly responses form other people on the days that I use it. And, furthermore, I feel more connected, more socially involved with the people around me. These are just strangers, really cashiers, other shoppers in the grocery store, etc. But when I use EroScent™ I feel more socially connected with them.”

— JM

“The day just seems to go so much smoother when I am using EroScent™. Everything is more harmonious. The nurses don’t question my use of a certain instrument as they normally did. Everyone and everything is better. I don’t want to run out, so I’m ordering two more bottles today.”

— D.S., Orthopedic Surgeon

What to expect when you use EroScent™

People using EroScent™ have reported a wide range of benefits, including:

  • A heightened state of relaxation and ease—especially in social situations
  • Less anxiety
  • Increased confidence
  • Decrease of “social butterflies”
  • Feeling more attractive
  • Happier; more optimistic outlook
  • Enhanced working relationships
  • Revved-up sex life
  • More romantic relationships
  • Empowered
  • Increased sense of well-being

Elevated mood: Both men and women who describe themselves as depressed report an overall sense of well-being, positivity and energy, when wearing EroScent™. Researchers at Pherin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., inspired by the therapeutic benefits of using human pheromones, are now engaged in clinical trials of their use to alleviate panic attacks and mood disorders.

Enhanced working relationships: A journalist researching human pheromones tried EroScent™ to see for himself what the results were like. “I immediately noticed that the people I work with were looking at me and smiling more than usual. I finally realized that it was me—that I was making more eye contact with them and sending a message of confidence I didn’t normally project.”

Enhanced sexual attractiveness: In a double-blind study testing the human pheromones in EroScent™, 20 women received topically applied pheromones three times a week. The women receiving the pheromones reported a significantly higher rate of sexual contact with men than the control group. A similar study conducted with men had the same results—more sexual contact with women than the men who applied the placebo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does EroScent™ smell like?

EroScent™ is odorless. It is not aromatherapy and it’s not a perfume. It’s a potent, human hormonal signal that will light up your positive emotions. You’ll glow like a beam of light and, in turn, you’ll attract others to you like a magnet!

How does EroScent™ work?

The pheromones in EroScent™ stimulate the hypothalamus—that part of the brain that controls our emotions, moods and desires. And since only a few molecules are required, EroScent™ begins to work immediately! While there is a secondary effect on the people who come in contact with the person wearing EroScent™, most of the effect takes place within the person wearing the pheromones.

How is EroScent™ different from other pheromone products?

The pheromone “perfumes” that you see advertised in magazines and newspapers contain androstenone, a pig pheromone from pig saliva. Androstenone works great…if you happen to be a pig!  EroScent™ contains the synthetic version of pheromones produced by human skin. Since we know from a wealth of scientific studies how humans respond to human pheromones, we can predict how EroScent™ will make you feel.

How do I use EroScent™?

To make sure you never waste a drop, EroScent™ comes in a convenient, roll-on applicator. Simply apply a drop or two directly under your nose, and let the pheromones go to work!

EroScent™ may just change your life… whether you’re dreaming of a job promotion, a new romance, or just more self-confidence, this offer is too good to pass up.

Small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, each bottle of EroScent™ contains a full 3-month supply.

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