Nature’s Most Irresistible Sexual Signal – Human Sexual Pheromones!

(Let your body do the talking)

Your body naturally emits sexual messengers called pheromones — hormonal scents so subtle you don’t even know they’re in the air, yet so powerful, they can alter your own body language and elicit a near-uncontrollable response in your desired mate. They are human sexual pheromones. They’re nature’s most irresistible sexual signal…and now both men and women can use them to…

  • Feel sexually confident and more easily aroused

  • Transform your self-image and raise your self-esteem

  • Relax…and feel more socially at ease

  • Draw people to you – without a word! – and win them over

  • Attract the love of your life…or draw an already familiar lover even closer!

Dear Friend,

Can a subliminal biological scent really help you attract the love of your life…or draw an already familiar lover even closer?

Can it transform your mood and deepen your feelings of arousal?

If you’ve ever buried your face in a lover’s T-shirt…or felt intoxicated by the smell of your spouse’s hair, or even their pillow …or been held captive by the smell of a stranger’s cologne or perfume…

…you already know the answer. You know the power of human sexual pheromones.

And exciting new research suggests that certain scents, airborne hormones called pheromones, may even be the “glue” that has kept you with the same spouse for decades … the reason you’re irresistibly drawn to a certain stranger … what makes you alluring to a potential lover. Human sexual pheromones are very powerful.

Pheromones may even explain how some people can drive you crazy with desire – without saying a word.

Pheromones are used aggressively by everything from spiders to lions – and humans are no different

A wide range of plants and animals use pheromones to elicit a desired behavioral response from potential prey, predators, competition, and fellow workers…as well as sexual mates.

Pheromones are linked to some of the most crucial stages in our lives…from breast feeding to mate selection. Studies have shown, for example, that breast-fed newborns are able to distinguish between a breast pad worn by its mother and one worn by a stranger. In a crib, the baby will turn quickly away from the unfamiliar breast pad…and turn towards his mother’s.1

Even your soul mate must have the “right” pheromones…

You may even pick your “soul mate” by subconsciously reacting to human sexual pheromones that transmit their genetic compatibility. You may be familiar with the landmark “white tee-shirt test” in which women consistently preferred the odors of tee-shirts that had been worn by strangers who were genetically compatible with them…and were actually turned off by those who were genetically incompatible{ref.}2 What’s more, the odors they preferred reminded them of their boyfriends.

Use them to awaken your “sixth sense”…and more

Pheromones are your sixth sense. You use them to communicate without words…to “know” without knowing…and to instantly transmit and receive critical, even life-saving, information. Of course, the most exciting pheromones are those that drive sexual behavior. Human sexual pheromone levels heavily influence…

  • How often you have sex…and with whom

  • How sexual and confident you feel

  • How sexually attractive you are

  • How others perceive you…and how they act around you

  • How close you are able to feel to others

As we age, however, our pheromone levels, along with our hormone levels, gradually decline. This can leave you feeling detached…irritable…unconfident…and less excited about sex and romance. To make matters worse, in an effort to make yourself attractive to people…you probably wash, deodorize, clothe and perfume away your most alluring quality. In other words, you may be suppressing your naturally unique and powerful allure!

Experience the pleasure and power of human sex pheromones!

You may recall a pheromone “explosion” in the late 80s, when perfumes and colognes claiming to contain pheromones were billed as potent aphrodisiacs. Many of those formulas did, in fact, contain a real pheromone, called androstenone – derived from pig saliva. Androstenone works great…if you happen to be a pig!

The real breakthrough came in 1999, when a cutting-edge natural health company in Santa Rosa, California, unveiled the first human-derived pheromone, called EroScentTM. The culmination of nearly twenty years scientific research, EroScent’s exclusive formula of human sexual pheromones is clinically tested and proven to get results.

Just a drop may be all you need to become more open, warm and attractive

EroScent turns on a light in your emotional center. Just a drop or two under your nose changes your behavior in ways so subtle, you may not even be aware of it….but the changes are noticed by others around you. In other words, you WILL get noticed. And your sexual attractiveness will increase.

Old, ingrained behavior patterns, like shyness or low self-confidence, may have kept you hidden from the rest of the world…but with EroScent, old patterns suddenly fall away. People are drawn to you because your body language changes subtly…as does the way you move…the expression on your face…the glow in your eyes. And once people are within arms length of you, your own heightened pheromone output will trigger their more “basic instincts” too! The human sexual pheromones in EroScent can…

  • Get people to “sense” your presence from across the room – even if you’re not doing anything special

  • Help you make eye contact with others more easily

  • Enhance your self-confidence and social ease

  • Make people want to know you better – and even feel more open and loving in your presence

  • Re-ignite the spark with your spouse…or, if you’re single, bring as much excitement to your social life as you can handle!

How can EroScent “change” you so dramatically?

The answer lies in the mystery of the most primitive part of your brain, called the limbic system.

While the molecules that make up regular odors, like the smell of a rose, are detected by receptor cells in your nose and sent to your cerebral cortex, the newer part of the brain that makes calculations and associations…pheromones are a different story.

Pheromones are detected through an “alternative scent” organ in your nose called the vormeronasal organ, or the VNO.3 Up until about 15 years ago, the VNO was assumed to be vestigial – an organ leftover from primitive times that’s no longer needed, and no longer in use. But in 1994, physiologists at the University of Utah examined 400 human subjects and found that they all had functioning vomeronasal organs…which were actively sending pheromonal messages not to the cerebral cortex…but to the limbic system.4

EroScent feeds your “primitive” brain

The limbic system, your “primitive brain”, drives your more basic, less complicated impulses – emotional connections, your awareness of the environment and how you interact in it, the “fight or flight” response…your sexual behavior.

By directly stimulating your limbic system, EroScent makes you feel – and act – more natural and easy-going, and more easily aroused. Even better, since EroScent doesn’t have to travel through the bloodstream, the effect is almost immediate.

EroScent is NOT aromatherapy, and it’s NOT perfume. It’s a potent hormonal signal that can transform your self-image, enhance your body language, make you irresistible to others. You could go to a department store and spend well over $100 on a designer scent that promises to make you more alluring. In fact, in the pursuit of confidence and sex appeal, you could spend hundreds – thousands – of dollars on new silk suits, a gym membership, even cosmetic surgery. But nothing can highlight your inner glow and near-irresistible allure like a single drop of EroScent.

Boost your self-confidence and sexual allure

“I’ve had great success using it. Men just seem to want to come up and talk to me and find out everything about me, and it also makes me feel more self-confident. So be careful when you use it! It does attract all types of the opposite sex!!” — Cindy Rose

Win people over…even in a professional arena

“It works great. My husband was late for an interview and he was wearing a mismatched suit. He walked into this interview and five people approached him telling him how nice his posture was and how nice he looked. The people interviewing him gushed all over him even though he was late. It was pretty funny. He’d never even met these people before!” — Christine and Rodney Smith.

Brighten your mood

“I put it on under my nose and I just felt a mood elevation. It made me feel giddy. Then we started putting it on people in the office and everybody was in a good mood and had a good day…This was only a half hour after putting it on!…You could tell that it really worked. Even one person in the office who’s an introvert came over and touched me, which was really different.”

– Sheri Lageman, Receptionist

“EroScent gets you to put out what’s necessary to attract sexual attention”

Human sexual pheromones, our native perfumes, appear to have one key purpose: to bring us together for reproduction. Pheromones govern attractiveness, bonding, and sexual interaction, and even help us maintain long term relationships.

Unfortunately, with aging we experience a decrease in pheromonal production – along with the medically documented decline in hormones essential for fitness and reproductive capacity, including estrogen and progesterone in women, and testosterone in men.

“Enhancing pheromone production does more than just induce instant attraction…”

As Hormone Replacement Therapy has helped millions restore muscle tone, bone density, vascular health and libido, pheromone replacement can help preserve youthfulness, sexual desirability, and self-image. Certain pheromones appear to induce your skin to increase pheromone production. As a result, you feel more attractive and can motivate a sexual response or a social interest in those who interest you. But enhancing pheromone production does more than just induce instant attraction. It also permits your subconscious to maintain its ability to react to sexual signals and to associate long-term bonding with passion and pleasure. For all of us, regardless of age, a full life requires that we can give pleasure to those we love, and receive pleasure ourselves. With hormone and pheromone replacement, this is now possible at any age.

— William Regelson, M.D., cancer and aging researcher, author of The Super Hormone Promise and the NY Times bestseller The Melatonin Miracle, MD. Professor of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University of Medical School, Richmond Virginia.


John Morganthaler

How much attention can YOU handle?

“When I use EroScent during a meeting I notice that receptivity seems much better. Unfortunately, I can’t wear Eroscent when I make a presentation to women anymore…There’s only so much a man can do!”

– Steven P., Researcher and lecturer.

“Almost immediately, a young woman gravitated to my side…”

“While attending the 2000 Mardi Gras, I noticed that, while always a friendly city, on this trip New Orleans seemed warmer to me than I remembered. The first night, after applying EroScent, I attended a cocktail party. Almost immediately a young beautiful woman gravitated to my side – where she stayed for the remainder of the night. What was unusual for me was that this young beauty was half my age. Despite the age gap I felt an incredible connection…I was delighted with the response.”

– Richard S. 48, Nationally known music and movie critic.

“There’s no question that my partner takes more interest in me when I use it.”

“I get distinctly more friendly responses from other people on the days when I use it. Furthermore, I feel more connected, more socially involved with the people around me. And what about sex? Well, some of the “friendliness” has had a sexual element to it. More often, now, I notice women checking me out. And, with my partner, there is no question that she takes more interest in me when I use it, and that we’ve been having sex more often.”

– JM

“It almost took the fun out of the chase…”

“This changes everything. A few nights ago, I rolled on a little EroScent before I went out with a girlfriend to a bar. Everywhere I turned, men were looking at me. At one point I walked up to the bar to get a glass of water, and when I turned around, I was surrounded by men! It almost took the fun out of the chase. I even felt guilty – I had such an unfair advantage over the other women in the bar. And the men didn’t stand a chance.”

– AC, New York

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