Nature’s Stress Fighter

Life doesn’t come with a warning label that says, “If you sweat the small stuff, you will die prematurely.” Yet, health care professionals are well aware that most diseases are rooted in stress … and newspaper headlines regularly caution that “stress can kill you.”

If you need help in reducing your stress and anxiety levels, you should be aware of Magnolia Extract. As an ancient Chinese medicine, magnolia is a powerful antioxidant, anticancer weapon, and an amazingly effective tool to combat the stress and anxiety of modern life.

To learn more about the stress-busting power of Magnolia, please read the article, Relieve Stress with Honokiol and Magnolol from Magnolia Extract!

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  1. Good Morning There’s all too much conflicting advice given regarding cardiovascular blockage within the :endothelium. I’ve just taken an EKG stress test after having 16 different EKG tests without the treadmill, the result of which reported that my heart and kidney were in good order. With the EKG and treadmill conducted with ‘LEXISCAN [rEGADENOSON] the hospital report now says that I have arterial occlusion [cholesterol/calsium] blockage, but never the extent or amount of blockage. The hospitals are medical school/pharmaceutical oriented and not viewing the apparent occlusion via alternative medicine. Such a position leaves the unwary public at a loss as to know what to do. The result leads millions unprepared for a heart attack. The medical advice with a) a stint, b) a pace maker or c) ‘by-pass’ surgery is not good advice. Here we are in 2018 and our medical system has yet to find a cure for cancer or cardiac arrest. Whatever happened to Dr. Otto Warburg cure for cancer? He won the Nobel prize in 1922 for finding a cure for cancer. These are ‘crazy times with crazy decisions by so-called ‘authorities’ who held as ‘heroes’. What nonsense is this? Thomas V. Farese –


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