The Mystery of the Toxic Town!

Here’s a quick story…

In 2006, the residents of the beautiful coastal community of Esperance in Western Australia noticed that the local seabirds were inexplicably dying. This was not just a handful of dead birds, but thousands and thousands of birds. The local officials investigated and determined the birds were dying of acute lead poisoning. Needless to say, the community was concerned. Where was the lead coming from? Was the town’s population at risk?

Later, it became clear that the people were very much at risk. The dead birds saved thousands of human lives by alerting the people to a silent killer in their midst. You see, the birds functioned much like canaries in a coal mine, dying first so the people could see there was a problem.

Here’s what happened…

A few months before the birds began dying, the port of Esperance began receiving trainloads of lead ore from a mine about 500 miles to the north. At the port, the lead ore was transferred from rail cars to ships. Now, because Esperance is located on the coast and faces the Great Southern Ocean, it experiences strong winds for much of the year.

After months of investigation, including testing residents for lead contamination, it was determined that wind-blown lead particles had contaminated the town’s air, water, and food supplies. The entire town was slowly and unknowingly being poisoned to death with lead! Had it not been for the dying birds, and the discontinuation of the lead ore shipments, the ultimate affect on the people of the town would have been catastrophic.

And while this may be an extreme example, it still illustrates the point. Environmental toxins are everywhere and can infiltrate your body without your knowledge.

You don’t need to live near a lead mine or a windy seaport to be exposed to toxic heavy metals and other environmental toxins. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a more pristine and picturesque place to live than Esperance. But this story helps demonstrate the fact that no matter where you live, even if it seems pristine, environmental toxins abound. And if you do not remove them from your body, the affect on your health can be disastrous!

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