Knowing The Different Forms Of Vitamin E Is The Key To Good Health!

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You’ve heard about the numerous benefits of vitamin E supplements.  But you won’t reap those benefits unless you’re taking high amounts of a particular subtype of vitamin E called gamma tocopherol.

Most progressive nutritional supplement companies offer vitamin E supplements that claim to contain “Mixed tocopherols” or “Full Spectrum” tocopherols.

But these terms don’t mean much in and of themselves, because they don’t tell you exactly how much gamma tocopherol is in the product.

Furthermore, we know for a fact that the raw materials market offers many so called “mixed tocopherol” products that contain only small amounts of the rather expensive gamma tocopherol. They are in fact “mixed” … they just don’t contain a meaningful amount of the stuff you really want!

To set the record straight regarding  exactly what to look for in a superb vitamin E supplement,  please read the article, Are You Taking the Wrong Vitamin E? Get the Facts on Vitamin E Tocopherols!

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