Berberine activates the AMPK pathway to support blood lipids, weight loss, and sugar balance.

Berberine can turn on the metabolic master switch and burn fat for energy. Berberine is a plant alkaloid that is isolated from the roots and bark of Goldenseal, Barberry, Oregon grape, Chinese Goldthread, and tree turmeric, aka Indian barberry (Berberis aristata). It has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for a variety … Read more

Potassium Hydroxy Citric Acid

Supercharged HCA for Maximum Metabolic Benefits Potassium Hydroxycitric Acid (PHCA) is a unique water-soluble form of Hydoxycitric Acid (HCA) made from Garcinia cambogia. This new water-soluble matrix enhances the absorption and effectiveness of HCA and provides the additional benefits of potassium. This allows for a convenient and effective dosage of HCA while supplying the important … Read more

Potassium: The Essential Mineral for Heart, Muscle, Fluid Balance, and You!

Did you know how important potassium is for good health?   Some of the benefits of potassium include reduced risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. And did you know that most Americans consume half the recommended amount of potassium? According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), … Read more

Health Care Needs to be About Us!

For all of us!

Not about profits and market expansion In today’s political environment, we the people are losing ground. Whether you’re on the right or left, up or down on where we are heading, or have chosen to withdraw from any part of the conversation, it’s hard not to notice. We’re losing focus on individuals, losing focus on us. … Read more

Taurine – The Amino Acids That Roars!

Dear Reader, If you have a cat, you may be familiar with taurine. This amino acid is added to your pet’s food because without it cats develop dramatic health problems, including reproductive failure, growth retardation, retinal degeneration and heart failure. But whether you have a cat or not, you’ll definitely want to learn how the … Read more

Knowing The Different Forms Of Vitamin E Is The Key To Good Health!

Dear Reader, You’ve heard about the numerous benefits of vitamin E supplements.  But you won’t reap those benefits unless you’re taking high amounts of a particular subtype of vitamin E called gamma tocopherol. Most progressive nutritional supplement companies offer vitamin E supplements that claim to contain “Mixed tocopherols” or “Full Spectrum” tocopherols. But these terms … Read more

Brain Nutrition Update: Choline + Uridine Builds New Neurons!

Dear Reader, Scientists continue to vigorously explore the frontier of cognitive enhancement.  In this special update on brain nutrition, you’ll learn about two remarkable “next generation” nutrients, and why scientists are especially excited about their ability to protect and repair delicate brain cells and membranes, slow down brain aging, and support memory and cognitive function. … Read more