Gamma Tocopherol Provides Protection from Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Are You Getting Enough of This Must-have Nutrient?

Recent studies indicate that gamma tocopherol is extremely important to human health and that it possesses unique features that distinguish it from other members of the tocopherol family.1

Gamma tocopherol is very good at controlling chronic inflammation related diseases including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.2

Gamma tocopherol is found in many plant seeds and in products derived from them, including some vegetable oils such as canola and olive. Also nuts such as walnuts and pecans are rich sources of gamma tocopherol. Below is a quick list of what science is now proving in regards to gamma tocopherol.

Gamma tocopherol and cancer:

  • Gamma tocopherol was found effective at inhibiting cancer cell growth.3
  • Gamma tocopherol was found to be associated with the prevention of prostate cancer.4
  • Gamma tocopherol induces cell death (apoptosis) in both prostate and lung cancer cells.5
  • Gamma tocopherol was shown to induce cell death and inhibit growth in numerous colon cancer cell lines with different types of genetic mutations, without damage to normal colon cells.6
  • A very large study of almost 300,000 men showed that high gamma tocopherol intake significantly reduced the risk of prostate cancer.7

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Gamma tocopherol and cardiovascular disease:

  • Gamma tocopherol supplements have been shown to beneficially affect several cardiovascular risk factors in humans by reducing LDL cholesterol levels and decreasing platelet aggregation.8
  • Gamma tocopherol naturally increases sodium excretion in the urine which helps to maintain normal blood pressure.9
  • Gamma tocopherol significantly promotes nitric oxide production in platelets, increases the important antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), and inhibits platelet aggregation.10

Gamma tocopherol and inflammation:

  • Gamma tocopherol inhibits inflammation. 11
  • Gamma tocopherol was found to inhibit tissue damage caused by inflammation and inflammation-mediated discomfort.12
  • Gamma tocopherol strongly inhibits inflammation, tissue damage, and vascular disease development in damaged arteries.13

Gamma tocopherol and the brain:

  • Gamma tocopherol has been shown to prevent dopamine loss and brain cell damage in an animal model of Parkinson’s disease.14
  • A large study in almost 4,000 adults showed a significant protective effect of gamma tocopherol intake on the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.15

Clearly, gamma tocopherol plays an important role in human health and disease prevention. The problem though, is that you may not be getting enough gamma tocopherol in your diet, particularly if you do not consume seeds, nuts, or products derived from them..

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So what should you do?

First and foremost, check your multivitamin label. High quality multivitamin products will list gamma tocopherol on their label. Sometimes, you may see mixed tocopherols listed on a supplement label. However, while gamma tocopherol is typically included in a mixed tocopherol formula, you really would prefer to find gamma tocopherol listed on its own as the amount in a mixed formula may be insignificant.

Based on the large body of scientific evidence that’s been published over the past several decades to support gamma tocopherol’s disease preventing properties, you should take the steps needed to ensure you are consuming this vital nutrient. You can do this bye either increasing your seed and nut intake, or by checking your multivitamin to ensure it includes gamma tocopherol and not just mixed tocopherols


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