A Guide To The Skin Healing Benefits of Snail Mucin

Beautiful SkinSnail mucin has become a vital ingredient in skincare products, particularly in products that are made in Asia. Millions of people all over the world have discovered how this miracle ingredient can give one a smoother, fresher, and younger-looking skin, and it is estimated that the global slime market is now worth more than $300 million. Today, there are about 85 snail farms in Thailand where snail mucin is collected in a humane way, and to ensure high quality, the mollusks are only milked once every three weeks and are fed vegetables and grains. But how exactly does this natural ingredient work to give skin a dewy glow? And how does it help to heal skin and keep it clear and smooth? Here’s a guide to the skin healing benefits of snail mucin.

It has skin regenerative properties

There is scientific evidence that snail mucin can help to speed up wound healing. In an experiment involving rats, it was found that topical application of snail mucin to wounds can result in complete wound healing in as little as 13 days. There has been no proof whether snail mucin is better for healing fresh cuts or older welts or scars, but there has been evidence that it can help to fade acne scars due to its regenerative properties.

Snail mucin may help tattoos to heal faster

People that want to get inked know that picking the right tattoo design and going to a reputable artist is a must to avoid buyer regret. Scarring is inevitable when permanent body ink is removed, so the entire process — from choosing the tattoo to aftercare — should be approached with careful consideration. Proper tattoo aftercare, in particular, is often skipped by people who get inked for the first time, but it’s an essential step to ensure healing and to keep the tattoo looking its best for a long time. Recently, snail mucin has become a favorite tattoo aftercare product as it is said to help scabs to peel off, and it is also said to help heal tattoos one to two days faster than expected. The product is also said to help reduce itching, so one may apply mucin to tattoos once scabs start to form.

It can help to hydrate skin and prevent acne

Having dry skin can lead to a host of skin conditions that range from premature lines and wrinkles to acne problems. To combat dryness, proper hydration using an effective product is a must, and using snail mucin can help one to have a well-moisturized skin. Snail mucin contains hyaluronic acid which draws water into the outer layer of the skin to give it that plump and dewy appearance. Moreover, it can repair the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent acne breakouts, so skin stays smooth and clear.

Snail mucin can be beneficial for optimum skin health. Try using a snail mucin cream with the lowest concentration of the ingredient and observe how your skin will react to the product. For best results, consult a dermatologist to see if snail mucin skincare products are right for you.

Article provided by Katlyn Mercer