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Submissions for Publication

Smart Publications welcomes submissions of articles, books, and essays concerning the growing scientific understanding about health, nutritional supplements, and nutraceuticals. Smart Publications is also interested in political action groups and government activities in these areas.

Do you have a book or article you would like Smart Publications to publish?
If so, please follow these guidelines for submission.

For a book: please provide the following information in the form below. We will contact you within two weeks of your submission.

For articles: Please submit the article itself if you have it, or a description of the proposed work along with links to previous works you've done, using the form below. 

Description of the book or article, or complete article.

Links to previous works you've done.

*Book submissions only Your proposed market and ideas of how you will reach that market.

*Book submissions only Description of any promotional work you intend to do.

*Book submissions only The proposed table of contents for the book.

*Book submissions only An opening chapter (if you have it).