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Dr. Garry Gordon


Elation Over Chelation: An Interview with Dr. Garry Gordon

By David Jay Brown

Garry Gordon, M.D., D.O., is one of the world’s experts in chelation therapy, nutrition, and mineral metabolism. He is the founder and current president of the International College of Advanced Longevity Medicine (ICALM), and is one of the cofounders of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). Dr. Gordon wrote the original protocol for the safe and effective use of EDTA oral chelation therapy, and is the author of numerous scientific papers on the subject. He is also the coauthor of the bestselling book The Chelation Answer.

Chelation is a chemical process in which a metal or mineral—such as lead, mercury, or calcium—is bonded to another substance. This is a natural process that goes on continually in our bodies. Chelation therapy—which employs the weak acid EDTA—has been shown to safely improve blood flow and relieve symptoms associated with atherosclerotic vascular disease in more than eighty percent of the patients treated. Chelation therapy also helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, improve circulation, and remove lead and toxic heavy metals from the body. This results in a myriad of beneficial effects, including improved vision and hearing, as well as better skin texture and tone. It also helps to improve cognitive function by increasing circulation to the brain.

Dr. Gordon received his Doctor of Osteopathy in 1958 from the Chicago College of Osteopathy in Illinois. In 1962, he received an honorary medical degree from the University of California, Irvine, and in 1964, he completed his Radiology Residency at Mt. Zion in San Francisco. For many years he was the Medical Director of the Mineral Lab in Hayward, California, a prominent laboratory for trace mineral analysis.

Dr. Gordon is on the Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners for Arizona, and is a Board Member of International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA). He is advisor to the American Board of Chelation Therapy, and was the past instructor and examiner for all chelation physicians. Dr. Gordon is responsible for Peer Review for Chelation Therapy in the State of Arizona.

Dr. Gordon is currently attempting to establish standards for the proper use of oral and intravenous chelation therapy as an adjunct for treating all the major diseases. To find out more about Dr. Gordon’s work visit his web site

I interviewed Dr. Gordon on March 16, 2006. He spoke enthusiastically about alternative medicine and his excitement was contagious. We spoke about the dangers of environmental toxins and the benefits of chelation therapy, the differences between oral and I.V. chelation therapies, and about how chelation therapy effects bone growth.

Q: What do you think are some of the biggest problems with modern medicine and what do you think needs to be done to help correct the situation?

Dr. Gordon: The biggest problem is greed. We have so many people in medicine today who are known to be receiving compensation from a drug company, or from some other company. It’s actually gotten to the point that the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine actually wrote a book about it. I believe she resigned saying that it’s gotten to the point that it’s almost impossible to have any honesty in medicine. Therefore, because we have money driving the system and it's such a huge system, we’ve lost our anchor. People are no longer functioning primarily to help their fellow man. It’s—how can I get ahead? Or—can I get a million dollars worth of stock out of this? So the picture that we have today is so drug-oriented, and we’ve walked away from the medicine that the rest of the world practices.

Western medicine is not the dominant theory in the world. There are billions of people in the world. Many of these people know what plants grow in their area and what these plants can do medicinally. If you’re an African Bushman, for example, and you get bit by a snake or you step on something, you know what leaf to use as a remedy. But this knowledge has been lost to those of us here in the Western United States. We pretend that something that is FDA-approved, or that is used by mainstream medicine, has some science to it—whereas in fact if you look at it, a lot of this is nonsense.

Everything has to be looked at in view of what we would call the benefit and the risk. What people don’t understand is that a drug can get approved in this country on the flimsiest of research—in the following sense. All any drug has to do is be one percent better than a placebo and it can get approved—even if it’s killing people! So, here’s what’s really sad—if I ever killed somebody with vitamin C, they would absolutely drum vitamin C out the door. They’d put it on prescription so that nobody could get it.

But drugs like Celebrex® and Vioxx® kill people left and right, and they go forward doing this, because they are “approved.” But what people don’t understand is that the drug companies are allowed to throw away a study that shows that the drug was worse than placebo. They can keep going until they get one out of three studies that says it’s slightly better than placebo, and now they’ve got an approved drug. Then they can turn around and—according to headlines in the Wall Street Journal lately—bill people as much as as six hundred thousand dollars a year for something that doesn’t cost them six thousand dollars.

In other words, the drug companies are giving the drugs a thousand-fold markup, and they feel it’s legitimate, because they’ve got this incredible story behind it. Most people don’t realize that if they had simply taken vitamin C they would have clearly outlived however long this so-called new miracle drug makes them live with their cancer. These so-called miracle drugs that are getting approved often only extend life span one or two months. Yet they can legitimately charge an arm and a leg, and they can have side-effects that include death, whereas I can not have any such side-effects in alternative medicine. So the system is really just upside down. It’s out of control, and it is totally driven by money. It’s lost its anchor, which was to do good, and we have a crisis in health today.

The Earth has become so totally polluted that everybody today is walking around with high-levels of styrene, PCBs, and dioxins. They’re in every human being we test today, as well as is lead, mercury, and cadmium. These are taking their toll—and not just on humans. It’s getting to be more and more extreme. We’re seeing problems like birds at a 10,000 foot elevation that are loaded with mercury. For example, at Mount Washington the birds are loaded with mercury that’s coming from the burning of coal in China. There is simply no escape from the particulate matter. We have poisoned our nest. We have got to do natural things, which means somehow learn how to use simple things—whether it’s garlic, vitamin C, or a high-fiber diet. We have to do something that’s natural, but that’s not the focus of conventional Western medicine today.

The focus is on giving the patient a drug because their knee is bothering them, and if they have a little bit less pain, then it’s an approved treatment. It’s okay if you kill patients with the side-effects of the Vioxx and that Celebrex. So the system today is out of control. We have to go back to our roots and realize that there was a time that we raised the food in our backyard, and we were personally responsible for it. It wasn’t loaded with these pesticides that keep the food from spoiling. You buy something at the store, and it lays in your refrigerator for weeks and doesn’t turn bad, but you put that in your intestine and the chemicals that are in that food are killing your normal bacterias.

So we have huge problems, but I also see us as being able to extend life span. I believe in anti-aging medicine, stem cell research, and what we’re doing today with genetic testing, we’re now able to modulate genes with food. From the results of gene tests we can selectively tell people that they need to emphasize this food and avoid that food. We can make foods that will actually lower your risk of ever getting Alzheimer's—even if both your mother and father’s side had the disease. You don’t have to get Alzheimer's, but you have to have knowledge. Knowledge is the gene testing, and we can modulate genes by getting appropriate natural products—like RNA foods.

So this is a New Age that we’re in. We can fight back. But the system at the current time is such that poor folks are being so deluded that they think that if something is an approved drug then it’s the right choice. So they go ahead and let themselves be harmed by the Coumadin®, when all they had to do was find out about something as simple as nattokinase and buy a natural thing with their own money. It’s not going to be covered by these wonderful insurance plans that the government comes up with, which subsidizes the most powerful industry in the world—the pharmaceutical industry. Nobody has the profits that these people have.

Nobody has the power that they have to influence legislation. They actually buy our Congress. So the net result is that it’s going to take a period of time for the people to wake up, and this book could do a wonderful job of helping let people know that the system they’re living under is absolutely not in their best interest. I have people taking chelation therapy, even though it’s not covered by insurance, and they say, well, at least if I have bypass surgery that will be covered—not realizing that they’ve walked into a blind trap, and they have a risk of dying on the table. They have a risk of huge complications, and no real proven long-term benefit. But they say, at least it’s proven medicine.

Well, it’s not proven by any standards because people don’t know how to read the research reports. If we took any new drug that gets approved today, and we really went through the data, many people would be shocked at what they saw. For example, when a research report says that a new drug is fifty percent more effective than the last drug, you’ll see that many times what they did is they simply administered a higher dose. They had more side-effects, and they increased the price times three. You have to read the damn report and see this. They are absolutely just robbing the American public, and the people who study this are well aware of it.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for conventional Western medicine to be more open-minded about alternative medical treatments?

Dr. Gordon: The reason it’s important is because their patients are beginning to wake up, and their patients are saying, Doctor, isn’t there anything else? So that is the beginning of the revolution. When we put on conferences in homeopathy, nutrition, chelation, acupuncture, and body-mind medicine, many conventional doctors appear. When you ask them why they’re there, they say that their patients keep asking them, isn’t there something else? So it is the patients who are getting the doctors to want to actually learn what alternative and integrative medicine is all about. This is a consumer-driven revolution that we’re going to have.

Q: Can you tell me why you think that chelation therapy is important, and what the primary differences between oral EDTA chelation and intravenous chelation are?

Dr. Gordon: The reason that chelation therapy is so important is because—from the moment we’re born—every man, woman, and child today has an average of a thousand times more lead in their bones than their ancestors. This is because the lead downloads from the mother. In fact, according to the top research in the United States, the best way for a woman to get rid of lead in her body is to have a baby, because the lead goes into the baby. So, from the moment you’re born, you have too much lead, mercury, and cadmium in your body. According to Archives of Internal Medicine, these metals are now proven to have adverse effects on your morbidity and mortality. It’s documented how the lower you keep your lead level throughout your life, the longer you live, and the less likely you are to get cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

So everybody today needs chelation. This is because we have polluted our Earth. Today the planet has so much lead that even if you’re raising grapes to make vinegar in Italy, the vinegar will have lead in it, because the soil has lead. There’s no place to escape. Every leaf, every blade of grass, is now provably coated with particulate matter, which comes from the burning of things like coal and is carried on the air. So, the oceans are loaded with mercury. There’s nothing you can eat that doesn’t have these things. So chelation is the only way you’re going to have optimal health—because these metals are poisons to the enzymes in your body that allow you make the some 10 billion new cells you have to make every day, and the ability of our body to repair itself continuously is impeded when enzyme function is defeated.

So, to keep it really simple, the difference between I.V. and oral chelation is that oral is a little bit like washing your car. It’s a good idea and it looks pretty good. I.V. is a little bit like doing a simonize. It does a deeper cleansing, but not everybody can afford to simonize their car. So everybody needs to be doing the oral every day of their life. That way they’ll be keeping their body as clean as they can. What we’ve done is we’ve taken the oral EDTA and mixed it with other natural products that happen to look and function in the body the same as heparin.

I have replaced Coumadin and my patients don’t die of blood clots. 1.4 million people in the United States die each year from what they call a heart attack or stroke, but it’s really a blood clot. So, to me, oral chelation is absolutely my only way of assuring that my patients don’t show up in an emergency room with fatal hearts or fatal strokes. It’s been twenty years now, and we have yet to hear of the first person having a fatal heart or a fatal stroke while taking the oral program that I devised. But the intravenous chelation is a deeper cleansing, so one doesn’t replace the other.

The sad thing is that I was overly enthusiastic thirty years ago and I thought the intravenous chelation was actually reversing obstructive plaque on our arteries, taking away arteriosclerosis. It turns out that in some people it can reverse plaque, but many people still had an eighty or ninety percent blockage in their vessels. However, many of these people still find that their memory or vision improves, their sex life gets better, their feet get warmer, their blood pressure grows more normal, and they can suddenly run upstairs.

The reasons that we’ve restored health to them is much more tied to the concept of nitric oxide acting as an endothelial relaxing factor, which enhances blood flow through capillaries. This actually turns out to be more important than taking the plaque out of your artery, because now you’re profusing the tissue efficiently, and the lead inhibits nitric oxide synthases. Removing the lead improves the efficiency of nitric oxide, which helps to enhance blood flow and improve circulation. So pollution is one of the reasons that people have poor circulation.

Oral chelation does two things. It takes the lead out, and when it’s in the proper formulas that are available today, it replaces Coumadin, aspirin, or Plavix®, which has recently been shown to be dangerous. Natural products are safer, but, unfortunately, people have to pay for natural products. It’s not going to be “covered” by the insurance. But we have the advantage that we don’t do what Coumadin does. Coumadin provably helps turn your blood vessel to bone. It actually is proven to do that. This means that you really have hard blood vessels, and the harder your blood vessels, the higher your blood pressure goes, and the sooner you’re going to die of a complication of vascular disease.

So the need for chelation is universal. We have to make it affordable, and nothing is as convenient as oral chelation. The oral can be as simple as EDTA, which is my favorite molecule. It’s four molecules of vinegar, and it has never been shown to cause any damage when taken, as long as long as there is a reasonable intake of good minerals with it. This is because EDTA is not so clever that it binds only to lead, mercury, and cadmium. It will also take out zinc. So you could have the embarrassing thing of somebody take a chelating agent, and not take a good multiple that has zinc, and aggravate the zinc deficiency that much of the American population has. That would not be in their best interest.

So with chelation we do have to do a constant good mineral input, but that’s important anyhow if you’re going to be healthy. Everybody needs to know that most people are not getting enough selenium. They’re not getting enough magnesium. Hardly anyone is getting enough vitamin D, enough vitamin B-6, enough vitamin C, etc. All these nutrients are not adequately present in our diets, so we have to supplement. After we have the supplements going in then people need to be on oral chelation daily from as early as possible. This way, we’ll have less infections in childhood. We’ll have less death and longer life spans.

The intravenous chelation is really wonderful, because it’s a deep cleansing. People who put off doing something about their health for years sometimes walk in my office, and it looks like we’re going to have to amputate their right foot, or they’re going to have to be placed in an old folk’s home, because they don’t remember their last name anymore. Then the deep cleansing of intravenous chelation can do things that you simply couldn’t rapidly enough do with oral chelation to get the patient out of their problem.

Q: If EDTA is removing calcium, then how does it effect bone growth?

Dr. Gordon: The interesting thing is that when you take the disodium EDTA it actually stimulates bone growth. Disodium EDTA is the intravenous compound that I initially championed. What happens to people as they age is that their blood vessels provably turn to stone. Let’s give it a number. At age ten you have a certain amount of calcium in your aorta. At age eighty there will be a hundred and forty times more calcium in every person’s aorta.

So with disodium EDTA, you actually tie up the calcium that’s in the blood, so that the body thinks there’s a shortage of calcium, and it turns on the parathyroid hormone. The parathyroid hormone then mobilizes that calcium that has been building up in your artery. Provably, we can lower that content of calcium in your vascular tissue, and, amazingly enough, that same parathyroid hormone switch will make you turn on bone growth again. It’s a very exciting process. After all, we’re the only medical society with two practicing ninety-four year old members. They’ve had over two thousand intravenous treatments. They have perfectly healthy bones, nice soft arteries, and they are still practicing. They are still able to show up and enjoy working. Anti-aging is part of the chelation treatment. So there’s a big difference.

So, because nobody could understand everything I just said, we have largely now switched to the calcium EDTA. Calcium EDTA gives you calcium when we give you the EDTA, and it makes it a painless treatment, taking three to five minutes. This cuts down the cost of the treatment from $120 to around $60, making it available to everybody, because it doesn’t interfere with their day’s productivity. People can swing by the doctor’s office, be there in five minutes, and have the treatment. The treatment is given rapidly, because it’s painless, and it will take out as much as ten or twenty times more lead per treatment than we get out of the old treatment. But it doesn’t do that interesting thing that I’ve talked about of lowering the level of calcium in your arteries, and enhancing the uptake of calcium in your bone, which is done under the parathyroid hormone influence. In fact, if you are a world expert on parathyroid hormone, you’ll know that disodium EDTA infusions are called parathyroid tropic hormones.

The old treatment, that we’ve treated ten million people safely with—without a known death—is the treatment used in the Trial to Access Chelation Therapy (TACT) study done by the National Institute of Health. The TACT study, funded for twenty-nine million dollars, is studying the old treatment that I brought to the world. Ten million people have had the benefits of that therapy, and about eighty-five percent of them said they saw enough improvement in their circulation that allowed them to avoid a proposed amputation of an extremity, a placement in a nursing home because of loss of vision or memory, or the proposed bypass that some hospital was telling them they needed.

We do not do bypass surgeries. I’ve done no bypasses on any patient in twenty years. I don’t do stents. I cancel all of that surgery based on a simple rule. I ask patients the following question: What are the benefits of the proposed surgery that the hospital or the doctor wants to do, and what are the risks? Once people understand that the benefit is extremely weak, and the risks are extremely large, then they can choose to bet their life on what I’m telling them. There has not yet been a single known fatality in twenty years among people who are simply taking EDTA, and I canceled surgery on people who have eighty to ninety percent blocked vessels.

Q: Why isn’t oral EDTA chelation recommended by more physicians?

Dr. Gordon: I think this is because the standard policy of doctors is to be down on what they’re not up on. You see, the scientific literature in this country is entirely controlled. The net result is that if you have a real breakthrough, something that’s really going to cure cancer or heart disease, it’s not going to be in the New England Journal of Medicine or Lancet because of the game that is played in this world. We’ve known from the beginning that this was too big a revolution. If every doctor did what I’m promoting, there would be no huge hospitals, with huge mills. Every year about four to five hundred thousand people have bypass surgery. That’s a huge part of our budget. There are a lot of people dependent on that income, so it’s hard to make a big change suddenly, because of the economic ramifications. These changes don’t happen suddenly. They happen when people start asking questions. But we’ve treated ten million people. Those people know, and they’ve told their families that this actually made them able to go back and run their business, or that this got them out of the nursing home. We have documented so many success stories that it’s incredible.

Q: What do you think are the primary causes of aging?

Dr. Gordon: We have so many different aspects that we talk about today. One of my interests has been the whole problem of the calcium accumulation, because death occurs when the calcium really builds up rapidly. Here’s a simple example: in a normal cell you have ten thousand times more calcium outside of the cell than inside of the cell. It takes energy—in the form of ATP molecules—to be able to have that calcium pump pushing that calcium out all of the time. When a cell dies, and it loses ATP, that gradient is suddenly lost.

So instead of there being a huge amount of calcium outside and very little calcium inside the cell, it now becomes the same on both sides. When death occurs that calcium pours across that membrane, and the energy pump stops, because that energy pump is created when the mitochondria are producing ATP. But in the moment that those high-energy phosphate bonds get saturated with this huge intake of calcium, they turn to stone essentially.

So this is one of about fifteen phases of anti-aging. There’s the hormonal implication. There’s the problem of pituitary failure, and there’s all the problems from what we call the Free Radical Theory. There’s the Cross-Linkage Theory. There are so many different theories. I have had the privilege of being part of a medical group called the American College of Advancement for Medicine (ACAM), and I’ve been able to observe that those doctors who practiced what they preached were the ones that still look remarkably young. I became convinced over thirty years ago, when I formed the American College of Advancement for Medicine, along with a few other doctors that we had a basic anti-aging therapy. But at that time, thirty years ago, I had no idea that lead would turn out to be so important.

Thirty years ago no one was explaining to me that everybody walking around had approximately a thousand times more lead in their bones than we had four hundred years ago, and that that lead gets released when a woman starts to go through change of life, and starts to lose her bone strength. That’s why women at change of life often start to develop hypertension, because the lead has been “safely” in storage in the bones, and now it starts to kill them.

But what I’m finding that’s really exciting is the cover of Scientific American that’s on the streets today. The cover story talks about the DNA and the known genes that can influence longevity. In research for stopping aging, we can take a simple worm called C. elegans and make it live six times longer than it's ever lived before by playing around with the genes like TOR, SIR, and DAF. There are about seven more of them that we have now, and they’re identified in the Scientific American cover story. We now live in a day and age where we can actually modulate those genes at will. We can do this with nutrients—called Ribonucleic Acid NutriSwitch formulas—that allow us to upregulate the SIR, or downregulate the TOR or the DAF. By doing this, we get these dramatic benefits that result from the body doing what it does when it thinks there’s a drought or a major change coming, and it switches over to a more economical form of metabolism.

We’ve been able to play with these gene-modulating foods and see, for example, that patients no longer needed Lipitor®, they were no longer borderline diabetic, or they no longer had elevated levels of triglyceride. We also use this same product on animals, like a dog that’s on its last legs and has got complete renal failure. The doctor said that the dog will die in days, and we’d simply give the dog one of these Ribonucleic Acid NutriSwitch formulas, and in two days the dog goes back to functioning. In human beings the kidney function goes back to normal, and they don’t need dialysis.

So the most exciting thing for me today is what I would call gene therapy, which, for me, would be to modulate genes using foods. And you can’t really successfully do that without measuring genes on people who are doing that today. What’s really exciting then is once you get people optimized, then to look into the stem cell revolution, which is here. We’re doing stem cells successfully on patients. We’ve restored vision. We’ve restored functioning in people time after time, and we can turn on stem cells in your own body using magnetic field therapy, using a converted MRI, or we can inject stem cells. But my position is related in the following story.

Several years ago somebody called me and they said this eighteen month old child is blue, his heart is filling the lung area, and we’re going to have to do an emergency heart transplant. I said, why would the new heart last any longer than the old one unless we find out what was wrong with the child? Did that heart fail because there was a carnotine deficiency? What was the underlining cause? If I treat the underlying cause first, then putting a new heart in might be more appropriate because it would have chance survive. And I’ve successfully done this. But what’s interesting is that when we corrected all those defects that one can measure, then the child was no longer blue and the heart went back to normal size. So I didn’t need to do a heart transplant.

But with stem cells, I will need to do stem cell therapy on seventy and eighty year old people who are not functioning well. However, the stem cell therapy would be a lot more successful if I first optimized all the defects. One of the most important areas of defect today is called methylation—which includes glucuronidation, acetylation, and all the different methods by which we do our detoxification. Methylation is also the key factor in the body for the production of things like carnotine and coenzyme Q-10, but even more importantly methylation is the way that we keep all of our infections under control, and successfully repair the ten billion cells we have to make each day. When we do these gene tests, and we look at the methylation genes—there are forty different ones, from the MTHFR and the VDR to the COMT—we find that there are what we call single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, that are abnormal. The more of these that someone has, the sooner the person will have serious aging and or other illnesses.

But we can modulate those genes by telling the person that he or she has this defect. For example, if you have a defect with COMT, and you’re COMT—this means that you cannot excrete heavy metals. So we have to do this to you, and we’re going to put you on these kinds of products. And you have a defect in methylation, so we’re going to give you some RNA products that will help to handle that, and you may need lots of methyl donors, such as trimethylglycine, methylsulfonmethane, and the lists go on. But we live in a New Age today. I’m certainly planning on practicing when I’m age one hundred, and I’m really very confident that we can all live to a hundred and twenty years of age. I believe that we’re all entitled to it, if we merely take care of this incredible machine—our body—have some respect for it, and begin to understand something about how it works.

Q: What are some of the new anti-aging treatments that you foresee coming along in the near future?

Dr. Gordon: The number one anti-aging treatment that I see is that everyone is going to have to maintain cleanliness, because if we all have dioxin PCBs, lead, mercury, etc., we have to detox everybody. That’s simple. Number two, everybody today is infected. If you become an expert on infections you realize that it’s not just the avian flu that we should be worried about, and it’s not the Ebola virus. It’s the infections we all carry around in our bodies today, and that includes everything from the Epstein Barr virus to Herpes to mycoplasma to chlamydia. Everybody alive today is filled with infections.

So my anti-aging programs involve, essentially, one, that I adequately nutrify the body, because no one that I test today has adequate levels of selenium to offset the huge levels of heavy metals that are in our bodies. No one has adequate levels of magnesium. No one is getting adequate levels of vitamin D. The levels of vitamin C are far too low. So we have to do the nutrification. Then we have to do the detoxification, which would be dealing with the heavy metals, as well as lowering the level of dioxin PCBs, etc., getting people into organic foods, getting them to eat right for their blood type, and all these simple things.

Then we have to look at lowering the total body burden of pathogens. It’s in mainstream literature (Circulation, the Journal of the American Heart Association) that the higher the level of pathogens that you have—like chlamydia, CMV, or any of these other things—the sooner you will die. So, obviously, we don’t have drugs that handle all of those kinds of stealth infections that are in everybody today, so I use oxidative therapies. This includes everything from high-dose vitamin C, to things like ozone ultraviolet blood irradiation, immune modulation, and other therapies that we can useso that you can help lower the total body burden of these infections.

Then, the last thing, which I am very excited about, is genetic testing. I’m now having all of my patients do gene tests which show the number of SNPs they will have out of forty. I had one person come back with thirty-one abnormalities out of forty. That person obviously was not functioning well. That was an autistic child. But when we see what the problem is, then we can get the child back to full functioning, going back to normal school, etc. So once you know what’s wrong you can correct for it.

Then, once you’ve optimized the body, stem cells are going to be extremely important. We have people using magnetic field therapies, sleeping on magnetic pads that allow their body to much more efficiently carry out the heavy metals, as well as turn on the switch to make our own stem cells—because we’re loaded with stem cells. If you fall down and tear all the skin off your arm, you’ll cry about it, but you know the skin is going to come back. So we have stem cells in our brain. We have stem cells everywhere. One safe switch to turn it on seems to be putting people into a strong magnetic field, which, of course, would be like a converted MRI. I can have people go back to full functioning, even though they’ve told they need a heart transplant. We do that all the time. We cancel heart transplants routinely.

We’re very close to being able to do that with people who might have needed a brain transplant, because their brain is not working properly, but we can let our body do that with our stem cells, and increasingly stem cells will become available. The University of Oregon is doing some studies right now, working with very handicapped children, and the day is coming rapidly that we will all have access to affordable stem cell infusions that will work dramatically. But they’re going to work much more dramatically in people who have chosen to optimize their body by dealing with all aspects of it, taking care of nutrition, lowering the total body burden of toxins, lowering the total body burden of pathogens, and then optimizing the body for its dietary intake and dealing with stress. All of these other aspects. Obviously, today, we know enough to have everybody on a really good dietary program to deal with antioxidants, but chelating agents happen to be the most powerful antioxidant there is.

In other words, once you tie up the trace metals in the body that are excessively present with a chelating agent, you’ve dramatically lowered the level of free radical pathology. So I’m extremely optimistic about the therapies that we have. And, obviously, the facts are that at a certain age all of us start losing our hormonal levels, and so I do hormone replacement. I have people taking melatonin and DHEA, as well as applications of progesterone and testosterone. We have a natural hormone replacement for women today that’s extremely safe, that replaces all of the work that these people have done working with so-called herbal therapies that really never worked. For women with hot flashes, we now have found something in Northern Thailand that really works in the body like natural estrogen called Pueraria mirifica.

So we have to support the hormone levels in the body, but let’s look at how all this ties together. If you go to a lot of conferences on aging, you’ll see many people talking about human growth hormone injections. Well, that’s interesting, but what was wrong with my pituitary gland, that it stopped producing enough growth hormone? Why did it stop working? If we look at an autopsy study, in addition to seeing that the aorta has turned to stone, we’ll find that the pituitary gland—the master gland in the body—is an organ that has high content of cystine. Because cystine is a chelator, it has sucked in the mercury that’s been in your body. In other words, you don’t have the same level of mercury, lead, cadmium in each tissue of your body; certain tissues get uniquely poisoned.

Some of the them are poisoned because the tissue is infected, and that infection, very cleverly, helps hold on to toxic metals so that the body’s immune system doesn’t attack the infection. But in the case of the pituitary gland, we have shown that it is extremely high in mercury, and when I do the chelation long enough, to lower the level of mercury, amazingly enough that patient’s human growth hormone levels start to go back to what they were at a much earlier age. So it all ties together, but I am having to do a lot of hormone replacement therapy anyway.

Q: Is there anything we haven't spoken about that you would like to add?

Dr. Gordon: I just want to really make it very clear that we live in a day and age of genetic testing. Just yesterday, after nine years of study, the Welcome Trust in England is finally going to start doing intensive gene tests on three thousand people—between ages forty-five and sixty-five—and follow them for the next twenty years. But we are already doing things. If you look at the literature, some of the reports will tell you that gene testing is five to ten years off. At this moment, we have over eleven hundred people using our autism-answer Web site, and they’re all patting each other on the back saying, aren’t we lucky we found Dr. Gordon and Dr. Yasko? We’re doing the gene test on our kid after no one could help. We spent a hundred, or two hundred thousand dollars and no one could get our child back to school. Our child couldn’t speak. She never said a word. We can take a fourteen year old child who has never said a word, and in six months have the child stand up and read a poem that she’s written. So it’s an exciting time that we live in. The answers are here. We don’t have to wait forever.

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