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The Smart Guide to Better Sex—From Andro to Zinc ... Supplements and Herbs to Fire Up Your Sex Life

The Smart Guide to Better Sex—From Andro to Zinc ... Supplements and Herbs to Fire Up Your Sex Life

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  • For women as well as men
  • Learn which supplements can improve sexual health
  • Increase libido and interest in sex
  • Intensify your orgasms

This is the era of Viagra

The timing of this new book, The Smart Guide to Better Sex, could not be better. It offers a very practical and scientific approach to improving the reader's sexual health. It covers how and why sexual function tends to drop off with age, what hormonal and other biochemical changes occur (in men and women) and how these changes affect nearly every aspect of one's overall health.

The bulk of The Smart Guide to Better Sex is made up of the reviews of many natural substances that can help restore lost sexual function. Included are substances that can enhance sex drive, firmness and duration of erection, vaginal lubrication, intensity of orgasm, stamina, and more. The authors explain how each drug or nutrient works, how it can be obtained, and how to use it. Treatments for sexual difficulties such as premature ejaculation and impotence are also discussed.

Hmm… we are reminded of Chinese food all of the sudden. We're told the proper way to read your fortune is to add the words "in bed" to the end. If you were reading your fortune right now it might say, "Read the book and your life will be long and fulfilling … in bed."


"Morgenthaler strikes again with another insightful yet easy-to-read and well-referenced how-to-book on an important but often neglected, aspect of health."

-Ward Dean M.D., Author, Smart Drugs and Nutrients and GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer

"This book speaks to sexual enhancement which is the key to successful aging."

- William Regelson, M.D., Author, The Melatonin Miracle and The Super Hormone Promise

"The most complete guide to safe and natural ways to enhance your sex life. It shows there's a lot more to sex than Viagra. Don't go to bed without it."

- Lane Lenard, Ph.D., Author, Maximize Your Vitality & Potency For Men Over 40 and The Smart Guide to Andro

"An excellent survey! Nearly everyone can find an idea or two ... perhaps more ... to safely add enjoyment to his or her sexual experience (or of course, 'for a friend'!)."

- Jonathan Wright, M.D., Author, Natural Hormone Replacement For Women Over 45 and Maximize Your Vitality & Potency For Men Over 40

"… This book will provide many people with answers they would never get from their doctor."

- James Wilson, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. Int'l Who's Who in Medicine