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Pharmacist’s Guide to Medicinal Herbs

Pharmacist’s Guide to Medicinal Herbs

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In this compendium Dr. Presser discusses the basics of herbal medicine. He looks at the historic and modern day uses of the most widely used medicinal herbs. More technical, phyto-chemical information is provided for the health professional, or for those more interested in the inner workings of herbs. However, the book is nicely formatted so these sections can be easily passed over. Each section contains a discussion of cautions, where realistic drug interactions, side effects, and possible hypersensitivities are covered.

Dr. Presser's writing style is down to earth and often very entertaining, making his book extremely readable. While this book can be used for reference, it will most likely be read from cover to cover.

Dr. Presser began his career in pharmacy in 1969, and graduated from the University of Southern California. In 1980 he switched his focus to alternative and complimentary medicine making him one the nations earliest crossover pharmacists. The past 20 years have given him great insight and experience in the use of not only botanical medicines, but nutraceuticals and homeopathics alike. Born in 1948, Dr. Presser has become a national spokesperson for anti-aging and fitness supplements. At the time of this writing, he is preparing for a trip to the Andes in an attempt to climb the world's tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas. At age 51, this also makes him, by his own admission, a candidate for psychotherapy. Dr. Presser has been a contributor to two schools of pharmacy, in the planning of future curriculum in non-traditional medicine; although he keeps telling them that his is the traditional, and theirs is not. He hopes to one day see his input implemented. When not on the road, Dr. Presser lives in a village-like community on Monterey Bay with his beautiful wife, dogs, cats, mountaineering gear, fly rods, bicycles, kayaks, weight bench, and running shoes.


"Whether you are a consumer or health professional, you will enjoy a new perspective on the world of herbs through the experience and mindset of a recovered pharmacist. This book is a gratifying and welcome entry into the herbal literature. Not only does Dr. Presser draw from a vast scope of scientific research for this book, he writes in a tone that is credible and authoritative and yet at the same time accessible and witty."

- Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director, American Botanical Council/Editor, HerbalGram

"The Pharmacist's Guide is the next best thing to having Dr. Presser at your kitchen table discussing the history of medicinal herbs and their remedies. His conversational, humorous style makes this a book every family will enjoy and appreciate having as an important medical reference in their homes."

- Patricia A. Smith, Writer/Photographer

"Dr. Presser's great sense of humor forced me to read this book from cover to cover. I have never done that with a guide book."

- Edward Spencer, Personal Trainer

"Dr. Presser brings a unique combination to Herbology: cutting edge science, well-researched history of herbs and their traditional uses, with the wit and humor that reveals the author on every page. A necessary reference manual for physicians and an informative guide for lay people trying to improve their own health and well-being."

- Bruce Eisendorf, M.D.

"Not only is Dr. Presser's text, The Pharmacist's Guide to Medicinal Herbs a wonderful source of information, but it is enjoyable and fun to read as well. I have a feeling that this text will serve as a valuable teaching source on herbal agents for many of our pharmacy schools throughout the country."

- Fred Weissman, Pharm.D., J.D., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Southern California School of Pharmacy

"This book is as valuable to me as it is to my patients. I recommend all my colleagues read it."

- Richard Kane, Pharm. D., Community Pharmacist

"I learned more about herbs in The Pharmacist's Guide than I did in my entire tenure in pharmacy school."

- Robert Shmaeff, R.Ph., MS

"After reading the Pharmacist's Guide I was very impressed with the quality of information and ease of read. The author does not let his medical background interfere with his communication skills. I would recommend this book to any of my patients with an interest in herbs."

- Bruce Orisek, M.D.