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Maximize Your Vitality & Potency

Maximize Your Vitality & Potency

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Maximize Your Vitality & Potency--For Men Over 40

by Jonathan V Wright, MD and Lane Lenard PhD

$14.95 - 256 pages, Softcover

All about natural testosterone and other natural remedies that have been scientifically shown to enhance sexuality, vitality, cardiovascular health, and general health. The treatments in this book work better than Viagra and Proscar and have fewer side effects.

Excerpt: Table of Contents
Excerpt: Protecting the Prostate: Natural Alternatives to Proscar®


Readers of this book will literally run to their physicians for prescriptions of natural testosterone — not only for enhancing sexual vitality but also as a valuable adjunct for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and other coditions. They will likewise become informed as to the dangers of synthetic testosterone and other hormones. This is truly a remarkable book.

- Julian Whitaker, M.D., Editor, Health & Healing Newsletter

A very good book, a very thorough documentation of the role of testosterone in aging. Testosterone is like the steel bar in reinforced concrete. It provides strength and elasticity and prevents us from crumbling.

- William Regelson, M.D., Author, The Melatonin Miracle,
and The Super Hormone Promise

Dear Mr. Morgenthaler,

Thank your for the opportunity to read the new book, Maximize Your Vitality & Potency, by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. and Lane Lenard Ph.D. It is a super book, as you already know. Dr Wright has a remarkable ability to translate complex scientific issues into clear, easily, understandable plain English. His interpretations are clear impartial, and unrelentingly logical. In addition, his implications concerning clinical relevancy are completely appropriate. His grasp of this issues and his knowledge of scientific evidence beyond the conventional pharmaceutical claims are truly remarkable. The problem is, what can I say in a few phrases or sentences that will convey the importance of what he has to offer? Perhaps one of the following will do.

Dr Wright's new book does for male balance and health what he, I, and others have tried to do for female hormone balance and health.

The issues raised by Drs. Wright and Lenard concerning male health are just as important as the new understandings we now have concerning female health.

Confused about male heart disease, sexual potency and prostate problems? Read this new book by Drs. Wright and Lenard to learn the truth.

We are in an age of rapidly expanding scientific knowledge. Should we trust the pharmaceutical industry to determine what treatment decisions are best for you? This book provides the information on male hormones and male health problems that you need to know. ...

I love the book. The title is a bit misleading. The book covers much more than just "Vitality & Potency". The knowledge about testosterone and the heart is as important as anything else in the book.

- John R. Lee, M.D., Author, What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Menopause

Thank you for the pre-print of Maximize Your Vitality & Potency: For Men Over 40. It is an excellent review of the androgen literature that begs for more wide spread distribution. The writing style is excellent. Dr. Wright is able to make a complex field understandable for the lay person who seeks the information.

A must read for any intelligent man over age forty.

- William K. Summers, M.D., President, The Alzheimer Clinics of America

Dr. Wright's extensive clinical experience using natural hormone therapy makes this book the most useful, informative, and reliable source of information for anyone desiring to live longer while feeling younger. It is a well-written guide on the benefits of an underutilized, but tremendously valuable natural hormone therapy. Maximize Your Vitality & Potency For Men Over 40 can definitely change a person's life in a powerful way.

- Michael T. Murray, N.D. Co-Author, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

The combination of natural treatments recommended by Dr. Wright worked as good as I hoped. My wife and I now have sex as frequently (and passionately) as we did ten years ago (when I was 40 years old). Furthermore, the supplements I am taking are natural, safe, economical and available without a prescription — I don't feel any need to pursue drug treatments like Viagra.

- Pat Stevens, a patient