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Better Sex Through Chemistry A Guide to The New Prosexual Drugs & Nutrients

Better Sex Through Chemistry A Guide to The New Prosexual Drugs & Nutrients

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"The ONLY medically sound, comprehensive guide to improving your sex life with drugs and nutrients. Anybody who has sex (or hopes to) should own a copy."

- Ward Dean, MD, Gerontologist, life extension researcher, and co-author of Smart Drugs & Nutrients and Smart Drugs II: The Next Generation.

A bit more technical than The Smart Guide to Better Sex (also Smart Publications). Better Sex Through Chemistry gives detailed information on the new "prosexual" drugs and nutrients. Included are substances that can enhance: sex drive, firmness and duration of erection, vaginal lubrication, skin sensitivity, intensity of orgasm, frequency of orgasm, enjoyment of sex, stamina, length of sex, and even intimacy and emotional connection.

Better Sex Through Chemistry also offers effective treatments for sexual difficulties such as premature ejaculation, loss of interest, impotence, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

Making use of the new prosexual drugs and nutrients can also improve overall health. Many of these substances have a wide range of health benefits and have been shown in scientific studies to: enhance immune function, slow aging, alleviate depression, assist fat loss, improve memory and cognition, and more. The prosexual drugs and nutrients selected for extensive coverage in this book all feature a high level of safety.

Better Sex Through Chemistry explains how each drug or nutrient works, how it can be obtained, and how to use it -- including, complete information on dosage, precautions, and other safety issues.

This book does not propose a method of hyping up sex drive with drugs at the expense of some other aspect of health. Rather, it proposes ways to improve overall health and, in the process, enjoy positive sexual effects.

Better Sex Through Chemistry is based on solid scientific information. It features many true stories of people who have used these prosexual drugs and nutrients to dramatically improve their sex lives, often as told in their own words.

About the Authors

John Morgenthaler was the co-author with Ward Dean, M.D. of the international bestseller Smart Drugs & Nutrients. He also wrote (with Ward Dean, M.D. and Steven Wm. Fowkes) Smart Drugs II: The Next Generation and was editor of Stop the FDA: Save Your Health Freedom. He has appeared on the Today Show, Larry King Live, 20/20, Phil Donahue, and many others.

Dan Joy is a San Francisco Bay Area writer, editor, and journalist specializing in health, sexuality, and pharmacology.

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Read the Introduction to the book.