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Occupy FDA: Smart Publications Alternative Heath Solutions Threatened

December 27th, 2011

Occupy FDA: Smart Publications Alternative Heath Solutions Threatened

By John Morgenthaler

I want to let you know that we have suspended publication of the print version of our monthly newsletter, Smart Publications Health & Wellness Update.  You need to know that I did not come to this decision lightly, but recent events have forced my hand.  Allow me to explain...

I have always known that the alternative health information found in Smart Publications Health & Wellness Update is extremely threatening to some very powerful entities (including the FDA and the major pharmaceutical corporations they work for).  The existing medical establishment and the big pharmaceutical companies are so afraid the public will find out the truth that they spend billions each year trying to discredit dietary supplements and the other alternative treatments I have long championed.

That makes me, and all of us at Smart Publications, a target. The “Sickness Industry” and their co-conspirators in the FDA simply do not want you to know about the health solutions we present in our newsletter and on this website.

And since they can’t come after me directly – my free speech is protected by the first amendment – they recently utilized a form of “economic terrorism” and targeted Health Freedom Nutrition, the supplement company which is the primary sponsor of our newsletter, and in which I also have an ownership stake.

Because of the pressure the FDA put on Health Freedom Nutrition – economic threats that could have put them out of business – the management of that company made the decision to pull its advertising support from Smart Publications Health & Wellness Update.

As you can imagine, I was extremely angry when I heard about these heavy-handed FDA tactics as well as Health Freedom Nutrition’s decision.  Despite this setback, I remain undaunted and I will not give up on my mission to share alternative health solutions with you and others. This will be Smart Publications way to Occupy the FDA!

On our website I will continue to report the latest alternative health news and I will also continue to publish our weekly email newsletter while we search for new advertising dollars to fill the void left by Health Freedom Nutrition.

I invite you to sign up for the Health & Wellness E-newsletter if you have not already done so.  You can do so in the green box located in the right-hand column of this page. I also encourage you to continue to patronize Health Freedom Nutrition (800 980-8780 or  I trust the dietary supplements they produce (I even give them to my children) and like me, they are on the forefront of the fight for health freedom.

Lastly, I have a question for you: What does it mean when a government agency applies economic pressure on a legitimate company in an attempt to suppress information and limit access to alternative health solutions?

If you would like to answer, or comment on anything else related to this blog post, please comment below. You can also add to the conversation on Smart Publications Facebook page.

Please also see this very enlightening video from natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola discussing the FDA and what they are doing to hurt health freedom.

Articles of Interest from Smart Publications Health & Wellness Update


Hi John,
I’m disappointed but not surprised to hear this disturbing news. Please know that your research and publications are highly valued. While many pharmaceutical hard-liners aren’t willing to accept it yet, there NEEDS to be flexibility and room in our repertoire for both pharmaceuticals that treat disease as well as nutritional supplements that maintain health and prevent disease.  For decades, the pharmaceutical industry contemptuously ignored, devalued, and discounted nutritional supplements as “not medicine” but, as the American public has become educated to the benefits of supplements (and has clearly endorsed that preference at the cash register), the pharmaceutical industry has, through lobbyists and politicians it supports, waged many assaults aimed at dismantling or undermining the supplement industry, the current NDI Draft Guidance format—-recently shut down—-being yet another attempt.  I greatly appreciate your newsletter; let’s hope there are enough wise folks in Washington who won’t limit the range of existing health options by passing laws that would obstruct access to nutritional supplements that support health and well-being in favor of, and deference to, pharmaceuticals that might be appropriate in treating an existing disease but are not preventive and carry, as well, the risk of undesirable side effects.

Hi William: Thank you for you comments and also for your kind words about our publications.

Hello, John
    Thank you for your courageous stand in favor of health freedom!  As the chair of the nation’s largest state level natural health advocacy organization, the Texas Health Freedom Coalition (, I have found through extensive experience that coordinated, cooperative action by many is the answer to the predations of organizations like the FDA against courageous companies like Health Freedom Nutrition, which dare to deviate from the Big Pharma-driven agenda of the FDA, FTC, and their fellow travelers.
    As I clearly spell out in my upcoming book, Adrenaline Nation, the FDA is NOT the impartial arbiter of the nation’s health that it portrays itself to be.  Rather, it is the fulfillment of the warning one of Founding Fathers, Benjamin Rush (George Washington’s personal physician) issued long ago:

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others. . . “

It is past time for us, as a people, to organize ourselves to combat this frontal assault on our most basic freedom, the right to bodily integrity.  I am honored to partner with you and Smart Publications to bring this message of freedom of choice, and the need for action to protect that choice, to the American people.

Properly prescribed, properly administered FDA-approved pharmaceutical agents are the #2 leading cause of death in the U.S.—shows the latest data, which was published in the May 2011 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Hospitalizations for poisoning by prescription medication have increased by 65% from 1999 to 2006. The study’s lead author, Jeffrey H. Coben, MD, is quoted as exclaiming, “Deaths and hospitalizations associated with prescription drug misuse have reached epidemic proportions. It is essential that health care providers, pharmacists, insurance providers, state and federal agencies, and the general public all work together to address this crisis.”
Funny, I haven’t heard or read anything about FDA taking this issue on. Why, one wonders? Oh, of course! Their time is all being used to deal with the tremendous threat to public health posed by nutritional supplements! What—the US Poison Control Center data show that not a single death has been caused by any nutritional supplement in the last 27 years. Hmmm.
Right on, John. I stand with you. OCCUPY FDA!

when our daughter was dying from ALS we sent her to germany…......when she came home she would be taking health care items from germany by mail….......the FDA took her items,........they would rather have her die then use non drugs….....i wrote a book on this…...Walking on Central Blvd….......not much has changed…..

my husband went to mexico when he had a tumor in his head…....he is doing fine….......FDA!

Thanks for the article John,

As you know the FDA has been trying this tactic for many years. Like other statists with their allies in big corporations they wish to eliminate choices and competition that makes life better for the people.  Hmmm statists with big corporate allies seems like maybe I remember something in Germany in 1939 like that. Anybody know any history?


I am sorry for your problems. We that believe in alternative health have seen a lot of this by a government that is supposed to be looking out for our benefit. Instead they do what big business wants them to do for their benefit.

As a victim of GBS and Bell’s palsy from inoculations containing mercury, Hg, in the form of thimerosol, i have been well aware for years of the FDA’s dictatorial support of big pharma. This can be extended to the CDC’s and ADA’s mis- representation of the facts concerning heavy metal poisoning AND flouride poisoning. All one needs do to confirm this with solid science is search out what the japanese do and do not do re flouridation of water and inoculation of children prior to the age of 2 (NONE!). Keep up the publications and start a ” friends of health freedom of choice fund” we can support your efforts as they squeeze you further.Don’t be surprised if they take you to court.  I’m good for $50 right now and more later.

Please keep up the good fight for all of us—more and more all the time—who believe in and rely upon “alternative” and “complimentary” health measures.  The drug companies have become tyrants and insurance companies companies make it that much worse by what they will or will not cover.  So sorry for this latest setback for you!

John—Please email me to discuss.—Christine Peterson, Personalized Life Extension Conference 2012

Comes down to MONEY & POWER doesn’t it.  The powers that be think they know more than each individual knows about their body.  Rediculous.  Your publication has been such a great help for me not to be dependent on drugs that are poison in the long run.  Thank you for all you’ve done. Please keep fighting.  & voting.

As long as it is legal to retire (with full government benefits) from the FDA, and then go to work for a drug company, we will have an intractable—and deadly—conflict of interest. “Checks and balances” have checked out.

The FDA makes it clear that if I knowingly advertise on a site that discusses the relationship between the ingredients in any of my formulas to any disease process, they will consider any products that contain these ingredients drugs.  Once this happens, my company would be required to stop selling these supplements and may be required to recall previous supplements sold.  They can also attempt to convict me as if I was running a criminal drug cartel or further coerce me into signing a consent decree that would limit my ability to make a living in my chosen field.  Yes, I feel terrorized by my own government.

Especially upsetting is the uneven application of these enforcement activities.  Yesterday I opened the January/February 2012 issue of Healthy Living (SamsClub) and on page 44 and 45 they have their vitamin D product featured with the following claims:  Blocks the growth of colon cancer, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce premature death.

Don’t get me wrong, we all should be able to talk about this when the science supports it.  I just feel unjustly targeted.  Maybe we should insist the FDA bully someone their own size (SamsClub and their owner Walmart), that might change things.

I am the editor of
I am suportive to your issue. If you have a need for an independent platform to put information up about your products as well as testimonials I am offering my site. I am a not for profit site. We make no money on HealthSalon, it is there soley to promote the truth.
Arrow Durfee

I’m a 74 year old who takes no pharmaceuticals and visits no allopaths.  Once diagnosed with diabetes and told it was incurable, I eventually discovered it was really just a form of food poisoning.  I quit taking the poison and no longer have this ‘disease’.  And have for a long time been free of most other diseases.  I visit a naturopath and a chiropractor and take supplements as I and the naturopath decide are helpful.  Although I am on Medicare, they haven’t paid me a dime in years.  They don’t pay for anything I do for my health.  Obama’s new rules are the only thing that keeps me from canceling my medicare subscription.  For now.

The fda should really stop bulling people… I want my free speech and “FREEDOM OF CHOICE” is that not in the CONSTITUTION. fda stop supporting the pharmacutical companies and read the research on the various treatments on the many chronic diseases that face our NATION by using alternative method modalities ...the science is there people, all you have to do is stop protecting the drug companies and allow the people to make there choice. Senator Harken and Senator Hatch this is very serious ...let the science of alternative medicine have there day to address the people.
Thank you…

To Gordon Claycomb (above):
Thank you for your comments and your idea of a “Health Freedom of Choice Fund”. And thank you for the kind offer of $50 towards this fund. I’ll be thinking about this interesting idea and how to set it up.

We need less government intrusion in all aspects of our lives! Our freedoms are being restricted by our government representatives whom we elected. Pharmaceutical companies can’t get rich by selling supplements. Hope I can continue to purchase the supplements that I take!


We have a medication-development system that is fundamentally defective;  the argument goes like this:

All pharmaceuticals begin life as patented products.  They therefore must satisfy U.S. Patent and Trademark Office criteria for the patenting of inventions.

The Patent Office has two such criteria:

1.  The Newness Criterion
2.  The Usefulness Criterion

The Patent Office defines the word “new” in this context as less than one year old.

In the case of chemical compounds occurring in nature, it wouldn’t matter if they used one year or a hundred thousand years.  They would get the same answer: CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS WHICH OCCUR IN NATURE ARE NOT PATENTABLE.

There are two ways the Newness Criterion can be satisfied:

1.  Man-made (synthetic) compounds.
2.  Synergistic mixtures of naturally-occurring compounds, in which the mixture does not occur in nature and the mixture has beneficial properties that the individual compounds do not have.

1. above is far and away the most common method used to obtain patentable drugs.

But the human body is not designed to operate on man-made chemicals.  We don’t have the enzymes needed to process and eliminate the metabolites safely.

The result of all of this is the array of side effects that most drugs have.  Also, many drugs operate by interfering with a body function that would otherwise occur.  MAN-MADE CHEMICALS CANNOT AND WILL NOT MAKE US HEALTHY.


Under my plan all pharmaceuticals would become generic immediately after receiving FDA approval.  Funding for R&D would have to come from the Feds, as much of it already is.  All chemical compounds would have an equal opportunity to participate in the FDA approval process.

The extremely wasteful and degrading process, in which billions of dollars are spent trying to find synthetic analogues of beneficial natural compounds, would be eliminated.

The demarcation between prescription and OTC products would be made by dosage ratios (the ratio of the toxic dosage to the effective dosage).  Products with high ratios would be OTC and products with low ratios would be prescription.

Norman E. Houtz

Thank you Norman. I agree that patent law is at the root of the problem. The legal structure sets the “rules of the game”,  and then the pharmaceutical companies play that game. I’m glad you took the time to tell this part of the story, which I think most people are unaware of.

I have been using herbs, vitamins and minerals and healthy supplements for years and years and traditional medicine when necessary,  Your company offers excellent info. and so does Health Freedom and Nutrition fit the bill for an excellent source of healthy nutrional supplements.  I will pray for favor for you from God, and that the medical pharmaceutical lobbyists and FDA do not shut you down, but ultimately will commend you on your stand and that peace may ensue.  The FDA was probably afraid of losing his job and was forced to pick on you.  Hopefully they’ll back off!

What happened to America working to promote AMERICAN JOBS!


But, when a solid American companies like Health Freedom Nutrition and Smart Publication are SINGLED OUT and TARGETED, it is just a sad statement of contradiction!  Health Freedom Nutrition and Smart Publication are both solely American Companies; yet, what our US government is doing through their FDA is only HARMING AMERICAN JOBS!

What Americans and the America’s economy needs are healthy boosts and enactments. What Americans and the America’s economy does not need is senseless and targeted UNHEALTHY REGULATION!

We all know that there are many things that are known to be ‘healthy’, long before any government recognizes them as such.  One’s HEALTH and NUTRITION is a personal thing.  Unduly targeting, restricting and regulating AMERICAN COMPANIES is simply and plainly UN-AMERICAN, or sure should be!

You asked what it means when a government agency puts economic pressure on someone like yourself.
Since they were successful it means that you have not yet achieved the same economic clout (ability to pay good attorneys) that Mercola and Life Extension has attained.

Not YET.

Keep the faith

The FDA isn’t the only bully regulatory agency in the Fed Gov.  The EPA has ruined energy production, the Fed Energy Regulator Commission (FERC) has taken over lakes around the country and caused may property owners millions of dollars.  The government is picking winners and losers and that is entirely unconstitutional.  The only way the Feds can be reigned in is from “we the people!”  We must get onto our representatives and senators and stay on to them until laws are passed that govern the power of these regulatory agencies.

The fda is really going at our rights.  The only way to fight this is through some type of organization, but the mainstream media does not cover it either.  It seems like the health food stores, restaurants, websites and alternative medicine practitioners should organize together.  Maybe the fda will be uncomfortable hitting them all at once.

We are at a time in human history where old institutions are crumbling (health, education, economic, etc) and those who are in power are doing everything they can to survive.  At the same time, more effective alternatives are being born and are beginning to take hold and flourish.

The old power structure, afraid to acknowledge the value of the new, try to kill it (and those who practice it).  We need to stick together and support each other during these transition times.

I’m not surprised by the actions of the Fraud and Deception Association.  Like it or not, the big pharma will have to get used to natural medicine.  It’s here to stay.  Increasingly more and more doctors every day are joining our troops by practicing alternative medicines.  It’s just plain common sense, and doctors of today are becoming more and more disillusioned by the big pharma nonsence.  Even an average patient can see that after they are given three or more pharmaceuticals they can’t tell if they are sick ,or if they are just experiencing side effects from the many offensive additives in their medicines.  I believe that one day this will be known as the dark age of medicine, when for profit human beings were blatantly poisoned;  Where some doctors tell their patients that they will have to maintain their disease rather than cure it.  It’s what I call the pharmers, bringing in the cash cows for big pharma.  Most of them don’t even know that is in fact what they are doing.  Smart publication was near and dear to my heart.  i wrote an article for them once for Prosera.  I wrote it because I thought it was something wonderful for soldiers coming back from war.  It’s a sad day when we can no longer help those we care about through the free speech of what we experience in the natural medicine/supplement world.  No matter how many billions they have, natural healing is here to stay.

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