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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement with Jonathan V. Wright Leading to Dramatic Hearing Improvement

February 15th, 2012

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement with Jonathan V. Wright Leading to Dramatic Hearing Improvement

This is a personal story of mine, an unusual topic for this blog. But, in this case, I thought it would illustrate what really motivates us here at Smart Publications.

According to recent tests, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my hearing over the past 2 years! Back then, my doctor (Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.) ran a routine test to examine all my hormone levels and pointed out that I had low levels of a hormone called aldosterone, not to be confused with androstenedione aka “andro”. Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. is the well-known author of : Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (for women) and Maximize Your Vitality & Potency—For Men Over 40 (which is all about natural testosterone and is for men.)

Aldosterone plays an important role in fluid regulation and blood pressure and is a concern if it is high. Most doctors would have overlooked this seemingly insignificant lab test result, but Dr. Wright mentioned that sometimes low aldosterone is associated with hearing loss. I immediately thought of my father who had lost much of his hearing in his right ear. Now I have no idea if he also had low aldosterone, but this was enough to make me wake up and pay attention.

On Dr. Wright's suggestion, I got a hearing test and the results, although not terrible, did show some hearing loss in the mid range, especially in the right ear. (This was curious since that's the same ear my father lost hearing in.) Then, on Dr. Wright's prescription, I began taking aldosterone supplements every day. Honestly, I felt nothing at all from it. Disappointing indeed. But I kept taking it anyway, just on faith that it might help (however little) to slow down the progression of my age-related hearing loss.

Fast forward to this year.  I was doing some routine cutting back of personal expenses and almost decided to stop the aldosterone (which wasn't cheap.) I balked at the last minute though and decided to be a bit more scientifically disciplined, so I made an appointment for another hearing test and kept taking the aldosterone.

Now here is the shock … in a good way. The new hearing test (from the same clinic) reveals that my hearing has improved dramatically. That's unheard of. I am 52 years old and was showing gradual age-related hearing loss, and now my hearing is suddenly improving. In particular, the right ear, in the mid range, showed an improvement in my hearing threshold from 15-30 db up to 5-20 db. That puts me back well into the range of “nothing to worry about”.

I've got to tell you that on that day, with that news, I felt like I had the very best doctor in the world.

Scientific discipline is the key to improving your health

You won't necessarily feel anything when you start taking the right stuff. Most positive trends in your health are quite imperceptible. (Think of it this way: You don't feel yourself aging each day so why should you feel yourself anti-aging?)

You can't rely on subjective measures. Objective testing, careful note taking, and medical lab tests make all the difference in the world.  I do indeed have a good doctor, but also I did the lab tests, I followed through with the treatment, and then did follow up lab tests. The whole process is exactly the same as the scientific method. You form a hypothesis and then systematically, and objectively, test it. In this case my hypothesis was that aldosterone would improve my hearing.

I believe that this is the key to the practice of improving your health and extending your longevity.  I want to strongly emphasize this because I know that most health issues people have are treatable, if only given the proper attention in a systematic way. What I see instead, is most people practicing self-care as if they were playing darts blindfolded. Throwing treatments at their condition, hoping for the best but never bothering to really find out if the latest treatment is working for them. Or they claim to be following their intuition. And though intuition has its place, when it comes to your health, using the systematic process that led to my hearing improvement is the only surefire approach to success.

Do you have a health success story to share? I would love to hear it.

To your health,
John Morgenthaler

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This article is so interesting to me. I have just been diagnosed, at 57, with age related hearing loss. I have had on going adrenal fatigue problems after years of taking Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. My adrenals now after just over a year of treatment through Dr Durrant-Peatfield are showing some response. But I still have severe digesting trouble which only seems to be eased by taking electrolyte supplements, another problem which I think can be tied to aldosterone problems.
My GP and Endo. Emphatically deny any links and I’ve been left to my own resources to research further and arrange my own tests.
Can you possibly tell me if there is any hope of my being able to get a bio identical aldosterone if the test for aldosterone level and electrolyte level I am about to under take, should show low levels as I suspect. Dr Peatfield removed himself from the medical system through his disgust at their refusal to acknowledge adrenal problems and so he is unable to prescribe medications although he does scrutinise my lab results for me.
Any guidance you can provide would be so gratefully welcomed as I am so very concerned about the progressive hearing loss. All my GP offered today when I saw him was to go get fitted for a hearing aid.
Thank you for any guidance you might offer
Lynda Hogan


I’m glad you found this article so interesting and useful, and I think you’re on the right track by seeking out alternative medicine practitioners and the options they provide.

I get my aldosterone from Restore Health Pharmacy.  You can easily find them online.  Once you have your test results and consult with Dr Peatfield, I recommend contacting Restore.  And, of course, always make sure to re-test to check your progress.

To your health,
John Morgenthaler

please notify me of folow up comments

I’ve had my prescription from Restore Health and Dr. Wright for some time now.  Have been concerned about the possible blood pressure issues that can come from supplemental Aldosterone.

Decided to start it today and not worry about any side effects.

I had 3 urine and one blood aldosterone test over several years.  Each was lower than the previous and that correlated with my hearing worsening. 

The local doctors were worthless but was able to finally get a phone appointment with Dr. Wright’s office a few months ago.

Fingers and toes are crossed. 


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I want to highly highlight this because I know that most medical concerns individuals have are curable, if only given the appropriate interest in a methodical way.

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