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  • New Research In Brain Health!  PS-DHA Combats Alzheimer’s!

    New Research In Brain Health!  PS-DHA Combats Alzheimer’s!

    Dear Friends, Brain health seems to be on the top of everyone’s mind lately… literally!  Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias are reeking havoc on the lives of millions of Americans. But what if I told you there were two new brain health...

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  • Have You Heard of Metabolic Syndrome?

    Have You Heard of Metabolic Syndrome?

    Dear Friends, If you have not yet heard of Metabolic Syndrome, there is an article on the website that very well might save your life.  Metabolic Syndrome is a combination of four conditions.  Having any one of these conditions alone is a threat to your health.  ...

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  • The Health Benefits of Tomatoes!

    The Health Benefits of Tomatoes!

    Dear Friends, I've been reading some amazing things about the health benefits of the nutrients in tomatoes – in particular the much studied carotenoid, lycopene.   What we are finding is that tomatoes—especially cooked tomatoes—contain significant amounts of lycopene, as well as other important phytochemicals,...

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