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Joe Hattersley, M.A.

Joe Hattersley, M.A., almost completed everything for his Ph.D. in economics and economic geography except for the dissertation at the University of California at Berkeley in 1953. He worked as a stockbroker and later as a research analyst for the Washington State government. Since he experienced a nutritional "miracle" in his own life, he has avidly sought and found ways to improve his and other's health in the past 23 years. The Infant Survival Guide is a culmination of fifteen years worth of study on sudden infant death syndrome.

Hattersley has published a well-researched article about the importance of vitamin B6 in the prevention of heart attacks. Many later articles have confirmed his studies and proposals.

Other articles of Hattersley's have revealed the danger of cholesterol-lowering drugs, the sad truth about silicon breast implants, eggs as excellent nutrition, the health benefits of full-spectrum light, cancer and heart disease therapy with coenzyme Q10. Also, learned under breathing as a cure for asthma and other ailments, the evils of fluoridation of drinking water and other health related topics.

His work has appeared in alternative medical journals in every country where English is the mother tongue.