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Arthur M. Presser, Pharm.D.

Arthur M. Presser, Pharm.D. began his career in pharmacy in 1969, and graduated from the University of Southern California. In 1980 he switched his focus to alternative and complimentary medicine making him one the nations earliest crossover pharmacists. Dr. Presser has been a contributor to two schools of pharmacy, in the planning of future curriculum in non-traditional medicine; although he keeps telling them that his is the traditional, and theirs is not. He hopes to one day see his input implemented.

Art Presser has become a national spokesperson for anti-aging and fitness supplements. The past 20 years have given him great insight and experience in the use of not only botanical medicines, but nutraceuticals and homeopathics alike.

While writing his book, Pharmacist's Guide to Medicinal Herbs, he made a trip to the Andes to climb the world's tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas. At age 51, this also makes him, by his own admission, a candidate for psychotherapy.

When not on the road, Dr. Presser lives in a village-like community on Monterey Bay with his beautiful wife, dogs, cats, mountaineering gear, fly rods, bicycles, kayaks, weight bench, and running shoes.