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Promote Growth Hormone Naturally with Arginine and Lysine

Growth hormone, essential to health, declines as we age

Growth hormone (GH) is involved in a wide variety of activities essential to health, including the repair of damaged tissue in bones, organs and muscles; maintaining muscle mass; insulin sensitivity and burning fat; promoting strong immune defenses; and supporting healthy blood vessels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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GH is produced by the pituitary gland, which secretes tiny amounts throughout the day and night in a series of pulses. Total daily GH secretion peaks around puberty and begins to decline by age 21, until, by age 60, most adults, despite the fact that their pituitary is still producing GH, have total 24-hour GH secretion rates indistinguishable from those of younger patients with severely compromised pituitary function.1

Why restore GH secretion to more youthful levels?

Aging adults, even those receiving hormone replacement therapy with DHEA, thyroid, estrogen and/or testosterone, still frequently report fatigue, lethargy, and decreased strength and exercise tolerance. Plus, several recent large population studies show the risk of cardiovascular disease and death is significantly increased in adults whose circulating levels of GH are very low.

Over the last 15 years, a large body of clinical research has shown that Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) is quite common, plays a key role in virtually all ageassociated health complaints, and that treatment that restores circulating GH to mid-normal youthful ranges successfully and safely reverses all of these symptoms of unhealthy aging, dramatically improving health and quality of life.2345678

What are the clinical signs and symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency?

An adult GH deficiency (AGHD) syndrome has been documented, consisting of central obesity (increased fat deposits in the abdominal area), loss of muscle mass, decreased strength and aerobic capacity, decreased bone mineral density, harmful changes in cholesterol levels (increases in LDL (bad) cholesterol and decreases in HDL (good) cholesterol), low energy, and greatly decreased quality of life.9

Growth Hormone therapy not only reverses these symptoms,
but protects brain cells and improves cognition.

GH therapy has been shown to decrease fat mass, increase lean body mass, increase bone mineral density, reduce both LDL and total cholesterol, reduce carotid-artery intimal media thickness (a key indicator of plaque buildup and increased risk of a heart attack), lower C-reactive protein (another cardiovascular risk factor that indicates high levels of inflammation in the circulatory system), increase the number and function of the cells that repair our blood vessel walls, increase our ability to exercise, and dramatically improve overall vitality and quality of life.91011

Interest in the use of GH to improve quality of life in aging adults has also increased as a result of research reporting that GH has protective and stimulating effects on brain cells, improving cognition and memory in the aging brain in both men and women.

An evaluation of 460 U.S. male doctors (average age 57) participating in the Physicians’ Health Study II found that those with higher midlife levels of GH had significantly better late-life cognitive performance.12 Similar results were found in a study involving 590 American women aged 60–68 years, and an Italian study of 353 elders 80 years or older, in whom lower levels of GH were strongly associated with poor cognitive performance.1314 In a placebo-controlled trial, 6 months’ of treatment with daily growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) greatly improved cognition in healthy older (average age 68) adults.15

The blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen and nutrients also deliver its GH. As we age, however, the number of tiny blood vessels on the brain’s surface decreases, largely because the cells responsible for repairing and maintaining these blood vessels (called endothelial progenitor cells) stop working properly. Treatment that restores GH to youthful levels reverses this process, which protects not only the blood vessels serving the brain, but blood vessels throughout the body, including those that deliver blood to the heart.16 GH’s renewing effects on blood vessels is thought to be a key reason GH therapy enhances thinking abilities, including memory.

Other recent studies also show that treatment with GH secretagogues (supplements that promote the secretion of GH) causes improvement in the ability of brain cells to communicate with one another.1718

Could GH therapy increase your risk of cancer or diabetes?

It has been questioned whether the age-related decline in GH secretion may be a protective mechanism against the development of cancer and insulin resistance.19

GH is involved in the regulation of cell growth, so it has been hypothesized that GH therapy might promote the survival of pre-cancerous cells—a fear that has not been supported by the research.

Numerous studies have now shown that when levels of GH are kept in the low to normal range, no increase in cancer risk is seen. A recent meta-analysis that included 21 studies found no association between GH levels in the lower 3/4th of the normal range and any type of cancer. High levels of GH (levels in the highest quartile or top 1/4th of the normal range) were found to increase risk for prostate and premenopausal breast cancers, but no association was noted, even for those with GH levels in the highest quartile, for lung, colorectal or postmenopausal breast cancers.20 Extensive studies of two groups in which GH therapy might be thought to increase cancer risk—cancer survivors, including childhood cancer survivors, and other children and adults treated with GH replacement— have shown no evidence of an increase in cancer risk.2122

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