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Nutritional Supplements That Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Nutritional Supplements That Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Can you guess who has high blood pressure?

Susan is a 55-year-old married Hispanic lawyer who works 60 hours a week, in addition to helping care for her elderly parents. She loves her job and has a large network of friends. She eats a standard American diet and tends to overeat when she gets stressed out. Her schedule doesn’t allow for much leisure time, and she gets little exercise.

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Mark is a 50-year-old Caucasian draftsman who works for a busy architect. Although his diet consists of lots of take-out food, he has a strong physique and is fairly active. He has few friends, lives alone, has a short fuse, and is disappointed with his life.

Steven is a 63-year-old African American project manager in charge of a multi-million dollar budget. He is recently divorced and eats most of his meals out. Steven is about 50 pounds overweight and spends most of his free time watching television. He is also a smoker.

The answer

Susan has high blood pressure at 146/86, but she doesn’t know it. Compared with someone with normal blood pressure, she has more than three times the risk of dying from a heart attack; almost four times the risk of dying from a stroke; about three times the risk of developing heart failure; and about three times the risk of developing kidney disease.

Mark has pre-hypertension (130/80). Although he is physically active, his diet is poor and he is socially isolated. He is on his way to hypertension.

Steven has been on blood pressure medication for years to control high blood pressure. He suffers from numerous side effects from the drugs, including gout, insomnia, depression and fatigue. He feels so bad most of the time that he doesn’t remember what it’s like to feel energetic and vibrant.

The side effects Steven is experiencing are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a half a dozen different types of pharmaceutical hypertension treatment therapies, and all of them have side effects. These side effects run the gamut from the insomnia, depression and fatigue that Steven is experiencing, to very serious conditions like hypercholesterinemia and impaired glucose tolerance leading to the increased risk of developing Diabetes mellitus type 2

Add to this the tremendous costs associated with hypertension drugs and a natural, side effect free solution to controlling high blood pressure is even more appealing.

There is a better way to support healthy blood pressure and feel good.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension and high blood pressure are the same exact thing. Hypertension is just the medical term for high blood pressure. It occurs when the force of blood passing through blood vessels is above normal. The increase in pressure forces the blood to hit the blood vessel walls.

What causes hypertension?

Hypertension is usually a result of a combination of stress, high cholesterol, inflammation and sticky blood platelets. Insulin resistance—also known as metabolic syndrome—and too much body fat are major contributing factors, and heavy metal toxicity is another culprit.

Why is hypertension dangerous?

It’s called the “silent killer” because it is insidious. It often has no warning signs or symptoms.

If your blood pressure is high, it causes strain on the vessels carrying blood around your body. This strain can cause vessels to become injured leading to plaque buildup as a response to injury. This can lead to narrow blood vessels and then clotting of passageways, which can cause damage to the heart and/or brain.

High blood pressure ultimately increases your risk for getting heart disease, kidney disease, dementia, and for having a stroke.

Reduce your blood pressure without drugs

Susan, Mark, and Steven are examples of people who are potentially headed for cardiovascular disease and other health problems. They need to reduce their stress levels, and make lifestyle changes that include eating a healthy diet, exercising, maintaining healthy weight, and in Steven’s case, eliminating smoking. They should also consider:

  • Taking a nutritional supplement to reduce hypertension, which includes the ingredients discussed in this article
  • Making sure they are getting enough essential fatty acids by taking an excellent fish oil nutritional supplement, eating cold water fish (salmon, mackerel, cod, herring, sardines or eel) several times a week
  • Removing heavy metal toxicity with an EDTA oral chelation supplement, which also removes harmful calcium deposits throughout the body and blood vessels
  • Correcting for insulin resistance (also called metabolic syndrome or Syndrome X), which means cutting out refined carbohydrates and exercising at least three times a week
  • Taking hawthorn, a safe heart tonic that improves blood supply to the heart

If these composite stories seem a bit familiar, you’ll probably want to do the same. Instead of relying on pharmaceutical drugs and their terrible side effects, you may find that a natural approach to managing your blood pressure is the best way to go.

So be smart. It’s easy to monitor your blood pressure. It’s easy for your doctor to prescribe a drug to lower your blood pressure. But it’s easier and much safer to prevent the danger before it comes.

For your sake and the sake of your loved ones, learn the facts about hypertension and how to live a heart-healthy life. Find out how you can reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke with a few lifestyle changes.

Start right now by taking time-tested and scientifically proven nutraceuticals that support normal blood pressure and cardiovascular health. We’ll show you how to make it real easy.

We’ve chosen the following nutraceuticals as the most promising, cutting-edge natural remedies to combat hypertension. They all have a long history of traditional use and now scientific studies are showing how and why they work.

Hypertension: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is blood pressure?
Blood pressure is the measurement of resistance exerted each time your heart beats and sends blood flowing through the arteries. When your heart contracts and forces blood through the arteries your blood pressure goes up. When your heart relaxes it goes down.

Systolic pressure (the top number in the blood pressure reading) is the peak reading of the pressure produced by this contraction. The diastolic pressure (the bottom number in the blood pressure reading) measures the pressure between the beats as the heart relaxes.

2. What’s the difference between high blood pressure and hypertension?
There is no difference; both mean the same thing. Hypertension is just the medical term for high blood pressure.

3. What’s considered normal and high blood pressure?
According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (a division of the Institutes of Health), normal blood pressure is 120/80 or less.

Blood Pressure Level (mmHg)
< 120
< 80
High Blood Pressure
Stage 1 Hypertension
Stage 2 Hypertension

4. Who is at risk?
Anyone can develop high blood pressure, regardless of age, gender or race. It is estimated that one in every four American adults has high blood pressure. The good news is that you can prevent and control high blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplements proven to support your cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

Non-Hispanic blacks are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than non-Hispanic whites.

In 2004, the death rates per 100,000 population from high blood pressure were 15.7 for white males, 51.0 for black males, 14.5 for white females and 40.9 for black females.

5. What are the symptoms of hypertension?
There are usually no symptoms or signs of hypertension. In fact, nearly one-third of those who have it don’t know it. The only way to know if you have hypertension is to have your blood pressure checked.

If your blood pressure is extremely high, you may experience these symptoms:

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  1. Severe headache
  2. Fatigue or confusion
  3. Vision problems
  4. Chest pain
  5. Difficulty breathing
  6. Irregular heartbeat
  7. Blood in the urine

6. Who is more likely to develop hypertension? Individuals who are:

  1. Smokers
  2. African-Americans
  3. Pregnant
  4. Taking birth control pills
  5. Over the age of 35
  6. Overweight or obese
  7. Physically inactive
  8. Excessive drinkers
  9. Prone to eating fatty and/or salty foods

Eclipta alba reduces mild hypertension

Eclipta alba is an Ayurvedic anti-aging herb that has been shown to rejuvenate bones, teeth, memory, sight, and hearing. It is especially beneficial to the liver, and a recent clinical study also shows that it reduces mild hypertension. We especially like the research done on this herb because it was tested on humans, and showed a high significant change in blood pressure. Also, it helps reduce blood lipids, which have a direct correlation to high blood pressure.

Additionally, eclipta alba reduces swelling from water retention, which is a big indicator of hypertension.

How does eclipta alba work?

This extract is believed to help reduce blood pressure because it:

  • Helps reduce cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels
  • Works as a diuretic

Scientific study

A study at the department of Foods and Nutrition, Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University in Hyderabad, India, tested the effect of eclipta alba leaf powder on 60 men (40-55 years of age) with mild hypertension. The subjects were divided into two groups, with one given a placebo and the other group given six capsules (500 mg each) per day in three equal doses for a period of 60 days.

The group that took the eclipta alba showed a 15% reduction in blood pressure, a 17% decrease in total cholesterol, a 24% decrease in LDL (bad cholesterol) and a 14% decrease in triglycerides. Results also revealed a remarkable increase in urine volume (34%) and urine sodium (24%). The researchers concluded that eclipta alba is diuretic, hypotensive and hypocholesterolemic, and helps in alleviating oxidative stress-induced complications in people with hypertension.1

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Editor's Note:

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These articles are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with a physician before embarking on a dietary supplement program.


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You did not mention that some people (I think about 10% of the population) can control high blood pressure by reducing salt intake.  My blood pressure was quite high, but after ten days of avoiding sale wherever possible, it came right down to 122 over 74.  I was 75 at the time.


Salvia has been in the news for being a halucinatory herb that is being smoked illegally and apparently quite dangerous.
Could you please explain the difference in that
salvia and this salvia?

Yes. Salvia miltiorrhiza, also known as red sage, Chinese sage, tan shen, or danshen, is a perennial flowering plant in the genus Salvia, highly valued for its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. This is the salvia discussed in this article.

Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive plant which can induce dissociative effects and is a potent producer of “visions” and other hallucinatory experiences.

Salvia officinalis, Common sage, is what you use in cooking as a seasoning.

There are also many ornamental plants in the salvia (or sage) genus.

On the pressure and circulatory system I would recommend Taxifolin( taxivital) (the extract of larch from Siberia) and you nothing need to prepare. Stressed people have a lot of free radicals, which the body has a problem because the fight begins slowly to get sick.

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Wow this is what I want, without using the drugs. That is great idea. Awesome inventions guys. This can led to a turning point in reducing the blood pressure of the patientsWindows 10 OS. Awesome invention that has to be appreciated.

This topic is the one that I have been looking into from last 3 days and your insight is extremely useful. Thanks for sharing this information. 
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