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Lose Weight and Burn Fat with 7-Keto and Other Natural Herbs and Nutrients!

Lose Weight and Burn Fat with 7-Keto and Other Natural Herbs and Nutrients!

Get Inspired to Lose Weight!

The subject of healthy weight management has been at the forefront of the health care discussion for more than a decade. Medical practitioners preach moderation, portion control, exercise, and healthy food choices to their patients. Consumers, on the other hand, are slow to change their eating and exercise habits and instead search for a non-existent “magic pill” to melt away fat while they continue their fast food eating, sedentary, couch potato lifestyles.

But the fact remains, obesity is killing us and the solutions to both prevent it and reverse it are out there. So why isn't it happening? The simple four word answer: knowledge, patience, movement, and motivation.

Understanding these four simple principles—and how to apply these principles in your daily life—could mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to losing unwanted pounds and maintaining a healthy weight thereafter.

What you do know, may hurt you!

Let's start with knowledge, or better still factual, informed knowledge. As stated up front, there are no magic pills for weight loss. But the big food companies, the media, and even the US government have for decades been telling America that shedding unwanted pounds is easy provided you eat what they recommend. And those recommendations have been appalling. Low fat, high protein, low cal, low carb, sugar free—the list goes on and each recommendation, when taken at face value, can lead the unsuspecting and trusting dieter down an unhealthy, unsatisfying, and ultimately unsuccessful weight loss path.

Additionally, if you follow the government sponsored recommendations, the odds are you will actually gain weight. The American diet and the outdated USDA Food Pyramid have been manipulated by the food industry to actually encourage people to eat more, not less. And the economic forces behind this manipulation are not about to let up.

So what do we really know? The food conglomerates claim low fat, low calorie processed foods are “healthy alternatives.” But the fact is these heavily processed foods often deprive our bodies of necessary nutrients essential to health. Yet, the big con game continues and what we think we “know” is really only what the food hucksters and hypesters want us to know. So when it comes to healthy weight loss, a little factual knowledge, along with informed decision making, can go along way.

Patience is a virtue

It's true, patience is a virtue. But it is a virtue quickly forgotten by all involved in the weight loss world. Dieters want the weight to melt away quickly and easily, and the weight loss marketers spin tales that aim to please. “Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days” shouts an ad for one weight loss drink. But heaven help you if you actually do so. Losing 30 pounds in a month, even if you are severely overweight, simply isn't healthy. The strain such excessive dieting puts on your heart, kidney, liver, and other internal organs, puts not only your health, but your very life at risk.

When it comes to weight loss, patience is probably the most forgotten, yet most important success principle. It took time to add the extra 10, 20, or 30 pounds that a typical dieter wants to lose, yet they want to lose it all in a matter of weeks or months. It simply doesn't make sense. What does make sense is to approach weight loss not as a temporary diet or quick fix, but instead as a healthy lifestyle that is, once your weight loss goals have been met, to be maintained for the rest of your life.

“What does make sense is to approach weight loss not as a temporary diet or quick fix, but instead as a healthy lifestyle that is, once your weight loss goals have been met, to be maintained for the rest of your life.”

Move it if you want to lose it

Movement is not a euphemism for exercise—unless you want it to be. While most people correlate exercise with a healthy, fit appearance, exercise in and of itself, need not be an exercise. Truth be told, any movement of the body utilizes and exercises muscles. Also, vigorous movement burns calories and will also burn stored fat, once you've used up the available stores of caloric energy.

So if movement is not exercise, just what is it? The answer is just what it seems. Movement means moving your body. Period. Walking, lifting, stretching, swimming, dancing—these are all things that cause our bodies to move. But they need not be exercise. A stroll around the block, for most people, is an enjoyable experience and not equated with exercise. Walking up a flight of stairs—or two—can not be equated to a step aerobic exercise class. Dancing with a loved one at a special event—or even in your own living room—is hardly comparable to jogging laps around the high school track.

“Simple, everyday movements have the potential to be life-extending, healthy weight-maintaining habits.”

Now of course, to truly lose a lot of weight, you will need to go beyond everyday movement and into the realm of exercise. But thinking in terms of “just get up and move” is a great place to start. Here's why …

Simple, everyday movements have the potential to be life-extending, healthy weight-maintaining habits. But to reap the benefits of movement you need two things. The first is consistency. You need to move your body each and every day. The second is energy—and this is where many people fall short. And it's not because they are lazy. If you don't have the energy to get off the couch, but you want to, you are not lazy, you are energy deprived. Movement takes energy and we get our energy from the food and nutrients we ingest. If we are not getting the proper energy-enhancing food and nutrients we need, no amount of knowledge, patience, or motivation is going to get us moving.

But there are ways to increase energy—and thus our ability to move—and ultimately, to succeed in a safe and satisfying weight loss program.

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