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Kill Germs Fast with Olive Leaf Extract!

Kill Germs Fast with Olive Leaf Extract!

Produces a hypoglycemic effect in diabetic laboratory animals

Olive Leaf Extracts have been shown to lower elevated blood-sugar levels in diabetic rats. 15 16

This past October, a study published by researchers at the University of Baghdad, Iraq, found that Olive Leaf Extract reduced oxidative stress and hyperglycemia in rabbits with alloxan-induced diabetes. (Alloxan is the chemical that makes white flour look "clean," and the drug used to induce diabetes in laboratory animals.) After being treated for 16 weeks, the blood glucose and antioxidant levels in the rabbits were restored to the levels of normal rabbits. On the other hand, the rabbits that were untreated showed increases in an oxidative stress marker and blood glucose, and a decrease in antioxidant levels. The scientists concluded that these results demonstrate that Olive Leaf Extract may be helpful in inhibiting hyperglycemia and oxidative stress caused by diabetes, and that it may be able to help diminish the complications of diabetes in humans.16

Researchers believe that the natural antioxidants found in olive tree by-products prevent cardiovascular disease by inhibiting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Anti-cancer compound

A recent test-tube study found that Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer agent, inhibiting the proliferation and migration of advanced tumor cell lines. When it was given orally to mice that had developed spontaneous tumors, the extract completely regressed the tumors in 9-12 days. The tumors were cut open before they completely dissolved and researchers noted that they had a crumbly consistency, and that no viable cells could be recovered from them. This study provides hope that Olive Leaf Extract can be developed into a potent anti-tumor medicinal, and may explain the cancer-protective effects of the olive-rich Mediterranean diet.17


There are numerous studies that show promising results of the effects of Olive Leaf Extract on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, HIV-1, cancer, and a myriad of infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. The significance of this potent, all-round antimicrobial cannot be underestimated in our modern world.

With the hundreds of viruses and bacteria mutating into forms that are resistant to drugs, it's more important than ever to become familiar with the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract. Keep it on hand for when you or a family member is stricken with any sort of viral or bacterial illness … and you just might want to add it to your daily health regimen as an excellent antioxidant for cardiovascular health.

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can you buy this at health food store?

Wow this Olive Leaf extract sounds like great stuff. There are not many things that will kill a virus, let alone fight AIDS and cancer! I am going to get some.

I’m going to try some.  I’m hoping it will help because this time of year, I get sick way too much.  I hope it will protect me against cold and flu viruses.

I always keep two bottles of your Olive Leaf Extract on hand.

When I feel an illness coming, I start taking it.  This past winter was the first that I did not get sick once.

Thank you for having such a wonderful, natural product to take!


Thanks Jeffrey.Please tell us: How much of it do you take at the first signs of an illness coming on?


I take 1-2 capsules q.i.d. when I feel symptoms coming on.

I have heard from a doctor that the olive leaves are highly useful in some medical practices. Because of their medicinal value the rate of cost of the olive extracts are increasing day by day. But they are showing a great result in killing the germs.Meaningful Use Stage 2

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