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Improve Your Love Life with Eurycoma, Arginine, and Other Herbs and Nutrients!

Improve Your Love Life with Eurycoma, Arginine, and Other Herbs and Nutrients!

No one wants to face it, much less talk about it, yet it's so common that each of us will likely experience it at one time or another during our lives: Sexual Dysfunction.

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Sexual dysfunction refers to a variety of ailments including "lack of sexual desire, difficulty becoming aroused, inability to achieve orgasm, erection problems in men, lubrication problems in women and pain during intercourse." 15 Untreated, sexual dysfunction can have devastating effects on self-esteem, health, marriage, career, and friendships.

The New York Times reports, "an estimated 30 million men suffer at one time or another from some degree of male erectile dysfunction, [yet] only 2.76 million visited doctors last year with the complaint."16

Sexual dysfunction is even more common among women. A recent University of Chicago study found that 43% of women surveyed reported sexual problems associated with stress.17

Not only is sexual dysfunction far more widespread than previously thought, in our modern overworked world, it is also growing rapidly, and now even affects some people in their late teens.

The good news is that thanks to recent advances in nutrition and medical science, many if not most cases of sexual dysfunction can either be greatly improved or cured entirely—without dangerous drugs, surgery or other invasive techniques. Further, with modern prosexual vitamins and nutrients, dramatic improvement—up to and including elimination of sexual problems—can occur in as little as a few weeks or even days, without the high costs of surgery or prescription drugs.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is not a single malady but rather a number of different maladies, so there is no single cause but rather a constellation of causes.

  • Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Poor Health
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Depression
  • Illness
  • Menopause
  • Disease
  • Aging

The two biggest mistakes most people make in dealing with sexual dysfunction

The first mistake is assuming that your sexual problems are unique or unusual. As the studies cited above demonstrate, sexual problems are far, far more widespread than even medical professionals previously realized. Yet the vast majority of people suffering from them do nothing to treat them and in many cases won't even talk about them.

The second mistake is believing that greatly reduced sexual drive and ability is a natural result of getting older. In fact, prosexual vitamins and nutrients can maintain a high sex drive and ability at almost any age.

Why do so many people do nothing about sexual problems? Perhaps it's a vestige of our Puritan heritage, which equated pleasurable sex with sin. Or maybe it's our sex-obsessed culture which makes us ashamed to admit we don't have the sexual energy and interest we once did.

Whatever the cause, ignoring or doing nothing about sexual dysfunction greatly diminishes your quality of life and may lead to many other health issues.

Sex and health

Sexual health is inseparable from your overall health. If you improve your general state of health, you will improve your sexual activities. At the same time, enhancing sexual vitality and improving your sex life has a positive impact on your overall health.

Sex has many beneficial physical effects, including improved blood flow and the release of male and female hormones which improve overall health. The pleasure sex affords makes most people happier with their lives and thereby contributes to high self-esteem and a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Sex also performs the vital sociological function of creating a strong-bond between partners, leading to lasting relationships, marriage, and a stable home for children.

Conversely, lack of sex, and inability to perform and enjoy sex is a causative factor in many psychological disorders, and a contributory factor in many physical disorders.

Treating sexual dysfunctions with prosexual nutrients

During the last few decades, tremendous progress has been made in treating sexual disorders, particularly with the development of a number of "prosexual" drugs.

A prosexual drug or nutrient is simply any substance that can improve sex or sexual health.

Generally speaking, there are three major ways in which prosexual substances enhance sex:

  1. They increase ability to perform and enjoy sex—including frequency and duration of erection in men ... and arousal, lubrication, and orgasms for women.
  2. They increase desire for sex (libido).
  3. They improve your general state of health.

During the last 50 years, many prosexual nutrients and substances have been identified which are important for sexual function and enjoyment. Here are seven of the most important. Together they greatly enhance ability and desire for sex.

Prosexual Nutrient #1
TESTOSTERONE: Essential for both male and female sexuality

Testosterone is the single most important single prosexual substance for both men and women. The very word "testosterone" is virtually synonymous with "sexuality."

There are many, well-documented studies of the benefits of testosterone, including heightened sexuality, increased muscle and bone strength, improved cardiovascular health, elevated mood, and increased overall energy.

While the importance of testosterone for male sexuality is generally well known, what most people don't realize is that testosterone is also essential for female sexuality. Without testosterone, women don't have any sex drive at all.

The main difference in the role of testosterone for men and women is that women naturally have much lower levels, which explains why women generally have a lower sex drive than men. After menopause, many women have extremely low testosterone levels, and thus a very low sex drive.

As you age, testosterone levels fall ... and sex drive too

For both sexes, there is substantial evidence from cross-sectional studies (which compare many people of different ages) showing that as we age, testosterone levels decrease.

Many competent doctors are unaware of this for one simple reason: Although total testosterone levels stay about the same in most men until they are 50 or 60, the really important factor is free testosterone—which appears to decline steadily from age 18, as indicated in the below graph.

This result was confirmed by another cross-sectional study—the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. In this study, researchers evaluated hormone levels in a large group of men between 39 and 70. Overall, they found that in healthy men, free testosterone declines at 1.2% per year. At the same time, the levels of SHBG—along with SHBG-bound testosterone—rose at a rate of 1.2%. If you subtract out the SHBG-bound testosterone, which is inactive, the decline in testosterone is much greater.18

Testosterone in women also declines with age—and replacing it greatly enhances sex

Similar effects are also present in women. As women enter menopause, androstenedione production in their ovaries takes a sharp dive, decreasing by about 50%. Although the adrenal glands continue to produce some androstenedione, they produce far less than the ovaries, and this production too, declines with age.19 This contributes to a significant decline in testosterone levels.20

For decades it has been clear that "testosterone replacement" regimens usually improve sexual function and enjoyment. Well-controlled studies of these regimens have shown that postmenopausal women who take "testosterone," in addition to "estrogen" supplements have a higher level of sexual desire, more sexual fantasies, and greater sexual arousal than do women who take "estrogen alone or no hormonal treatments."212223

One word of caution: Proper testosterone dosage is extremely important for women. Take too little and you have no sex drive. Take too much and you can grow facial hair and start to exhibit other male characteristics.

Problems caused by low testosterone

According to internationally renowned nutritional medicine physician, Dr. Johnathan Wright, 24 effects of low testosterone levels include a long-list of health and emotional problems including:

  • Decreased libido and potency
  • Early senility
  • Memory failure
  • Reduced intellectual agility
  • Loss of ability to concentrate
  • Moodiness/emotionality
  • Depression
  • Reduced activity
  • Increased incidence of atherosclerosis
  • Great timidity
  • General tiredness
  • Nervousness/anxiety
  • Touchiness/irritability
  • Feeling weak
  • Reduced interest in surroundings
  • Hypochondria
  • Inner unrest

Availability of testosterone

As a Schedule 3 drug, testosterone can only be obtained and possessed with a prescription from your doctor. Also, many testosterone precursors have been banned due to suspected misuse by professional athletes. Popular herbal alternatives include tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longifolia, both of which have positive effects on testosterone metabolism.

One of the promising herbs for rejuvenating sexual function that has been diminished by a lack of testosterone is eurycoma longifolia. Traditionally used to enhance sexual function, especially in Malaysia, eurycoma has been the subject of intensive research by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in conjuction with Malaysian researchers. One of the notable findings has been the ability of eurycoma to significantly enhance sexual function in laboratory animals that have been castrated to drastically diminish testosterone levels.25 It has been hypothesized that eurycoma increases the amount of biologically active testosterone within the body. The ability of eurycoma to stimulate sexual functioning, despite low testosterone levels, makes it a powerful natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

Current research

As eurycoma is becoming a popular supplement around the world for sexual enhancement, more and more scientists are interested in determining exactly how and why it works. The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has an ongoing five-year Malaysia-MIT Biotechnology Partnership Program (MMBPP) to determine the herb's health benefits and to see if it works as an aphrodisiac because it increases testosterone. In Thailand, the Faculty of Science of the Mahidol University is investigating the active compounds in eurycoma. And an Indonesian pharmaceutical company is also testing the herb.14

There have been quite a few studies on the effect that eurycoma has on the sexual behavior of male rats which support its folk use as an aphrodisiac. The effects of eurycoma were studied on sexually experienced male rats, castrated rats, sexually inexperienced rats, and middle-aged rats. All studies indicated an increase in the rats' sexual activity.2-10

For instance, in a recent study at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Science, Malaysia, the effects of eurycoma were studied on the orientation activities of middle-aged rats towards females. The male rats were given eurycoma extract twice daily for ten days. When compared to the controls, the treated male rats showed more interest in the female rats in terms of sniffing, licking, and mounting. The male rats were also more interested in their environment which they expressed by climbing, exploring, and self-grooming. The study concluded that eurycoma has a definite effect on the orientation activities of middle-aged male rats.11

In a more dramatic study of the aphrodisiac property of eurycoma on sexually inexperienced male rats, an electric grid was used in the rats' cages to deter them from crossing over to the cage with the female rats. The rats treated with eurycoma were willing to overcome the intensity of the grid current to reach the receptive female rats. The untreated rats, however, did not pursue the female rats.

Results showed that eurycoma continued to enhance and also maintain a high level of the total number of successful crossovers, mountings, intromissions and ejaculations during the 9-12 week observation period. In conclusion, these results further enhanced and strengthened the aphrodisiac property of eurycoma longifolia. 12

Additionally, other studies have determined that eurycoma's chemical constituents called quassinoids were found to exhibit anti-tumor and anti-parasitic activities.13

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