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Eradicate H. pylori Infection and Protect Yourself from Ulcers Naturally!

Are you at risk for developing an ulcer?

Approximately 25 million Americans suffer from peptic ulcer disease (PUD) at some point in their life. And each year there are 500,000 to 850,000 new cases reported, and more than one million ulcer-related hospitalizations.1 Continue reading to find out if you are at risk … and what you can do to protect yourself—or heal yourself, if you already have an ulcer.

Not too long ago, the common belief was that excessive work and chronic stress caused stomach ulcers. Although it is true that stress can exacerbate an ulcer, we now know that H. pylori, a spiral-shaped bacterium, is the cause of more than 90% of duodenal ulcers and up to 80% of gastric ulcers.

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Ulcers also tend to run in some families. But just because no one in your family has ever had an ulcer, it doesn’t mean that you’re immune. (More than 20% of patients who have a duodenal ulcer have a family history, compared with only 5-10% of control groups. In addition, weak associations have been observed between duodenal ulcer and blood type O. Also, patients who do not secrete ABO antigens in their saliva and gastric juice are known to be at higher risk. The reason for these apparent genetic associations is unclear.)3

What is Helicobacter pylori?

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a spiral-shaped bacterium that is found in the gastric mucous layer or epithelial lining of the stomach. It creates peptic ulcers by weakening the protective coating of the stomach and duodenum, which allows acid to irritate the sensitive stomach lining.

Approximately two-thirds of the world’s population is infected with H. pylori. However, the risk of developing a duodenal ulcer in an individual infected with H. pylori is only about 1% per year, and only 10-15% of individuals with H. pylori infection develop a duodenal ulcer at any point in their life.

In the United States, H. pylori is more prevalent among older adults, but people of all ages and backgrounds, including children and teens, can get infected. Studies also indicate that the infection is more prevalent in those who drink alcohol, smoke, or have cardiovascular disease.8

H. pylori is also believed to be a triggering factor for increasing the risk of acute ischemic stroke.9 A meta-analysis done by the Mayo Clinic found that patients with large vessel stroke had higher odds for H. pylori infection than patients with other types of stroke.10

Researchers have also found an interesting link between H. pylori and abnormal blood lipids. In one study, after eight weeks of treatment to eradicate H. pylori infection, high C-reactive protein levels decreased and low HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels increased in the 78 patients who were treated.11

H. pylori is implicated in these diseases, in addition to peptic ulcer disease:

  • stroke8910
  • atherosclerosis11
  • insulin resistance12
  • autoimmune diseases13
  • heart disease814
  • skin disorders, including rosacea and possibly chronic hives151617
  • some cancers, including MALT lymphoma and stomach cancer1819

How does H. pylori cause an ulcer?

The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid, mucus to protect the stomach walls from the acid, and proteolytic enzymes in order to break down protein into smaller peptide molecules. These enzymes require a fairly high acid environment with a pH level ranging between 1.0 and 2.0. This acid environment also helps kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms that enter the stomach with food.

At the Hiroshima University School of Medicine, Japan, researchers found that gastric acid decreases with age in older people who have H. pylori.20 But good acid production is necessary for killing microorganisms, and poor acid production or acid neutralization with antacids contributes to overgrowth. In fact, the use of antacids can contribute to the overgrowth of other organisms, including H. pylori, Lactobacillus, Enterobacter, Staphylococcus and Probionibacterium.

  • H. pylori is the only bacterial organism in the stomach that cannot be killed by hydrochloric acid. It has adapted to survive in the stomach mucosa, and produces substances that weaken the stomach’s protective mucus and make it more susceptible to the damaging effects of acid and pepsin.21
  • H. pylori can also grow in the small intestine, sticking to epithelial cells. This adherence leads to a variety of second-messenger signals, which invoke an immunologic response against those cells causing mucosal damage by host neutrophils and other inflammatory cells.21
  • H. pylori affects the gastric and duodenal mucous layer because this organism produces proteases that degrade the protective mucous layer. Moreover, H. pylori infection decreases the production of epidermal growth factor, which normally promotes healing of gastric and duodenal mucosa.21

Treating H. pylori—blocking acid secretion results in other problems

When it comes to calming down the burning pain of an inflamed stomach lining or ulcer, reducing the amount of acid in the stomach may seem like a good idea. But two new studies with laboratory mice, conducted by Howard Hughes Medical Institute scientists at the University of Michigan Medical School, indicate it could be exactly the wrong thing to do.

Mice treated with prescription drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitors or PPIs, which block acid production, acquired more bacteria and developed more inflammatory changes in their stomach linings than untreated mice did. The study concluded that Proton Pump Inhibitors (including drugs marketed under the trade names Prilosec® and Prevacid®) dissipate stomach acid, which serves an important anti-microbial function and protects the body from ingested microorganisms.

And when acid suppression is removed, the majority of ulcers, particularly those caused by H. pylori, recur.2224

Are antibiotics a good idea?

Physicians typically prescribe a triple antibiotic regimen using metronidazole, clarithromycin, and amoxicillin to treat H. pylori-caused ulcers. The problem is, according to Dr. Manfred Kist, a leading German microbiologist, the bacterium is becoming resistant to the standard antibiotics used to treat the infection. Antibiotics can also upset the delicate balance of helpful bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, paving the way for additional problems.

Kist, director of Germany’s National Reference Center for Helicobacter pylori, claimed in a Reuter’s article that many gastroenterologists don’t gather enough information before treating H. pylori infected patients with antibiotics. “This is a trend that will lead to increased drug resistance of H. pylori,” he said. Kist added that 40 to 50% of patients are now resistant to metronidazole, one of the three standard antibiotics used in Germany to treat H. pylori infection. This number rose from 30 percent in the 1980s.24

New sources of anti-H. pylori drugs are needed—which is why the new research showing that herbal extracts can eradicate the H. pylori bacteria is so exciting.

7 Herbs shown to kill H. pylori bacteria … and reduce risk of peptic ulcer disease

Ginger Extract

Most people are familiar with ginger as a seasoning, but it actually has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb. Interestingly, almost all of its benefits have been validated by modern science, and it is the pharmacopoeias of many countries.

Ginger is reported to help prevent cardiovascular disease by inhibiting platelet aggregation and promoting healthy cholesterol absorption.
It helps promote healthy digestion, and is particularly helpful as an anti-nausea and vomiting remedy, both prophylactically and acutely, from a variety of causes, including motion sickness, post-operative recovery, morning sickness, flu and even drug side effects. Ginger has also been shown to prevent ulcer formation.37

A study at the University of Illinois, Chicago, found that ginger root extracts inhibit the growth of H. pylori in vitro.38

Thyme Extract

A popular herbal remedy in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, thyme was mainly used for headaches, digestive problems, respiratory illness, and as a mood-enhancer.

Researchers who investigated the anti-microbial properties of 21 essential oils against five important food-borne pathogens, including E. coli, noted that thyme was among the top three at inhibiting the bacteria.25

Also, food and engineering researchers at Technion (the Israel Institute of Technology) found that when thyme extract was compared to several antibacterials, it had a significant inhibitory effect on H. pylori. They suggested that since thyme extract has significant therapeutic potential, it should be further studied in clinical trials.26

Terminalia Chebula Extract

Commonly called haritaki in Ayurvedic Medicine, this herb is from a tree that grows in India. The plant is used extensively in the preparation of many ayurvedic formulations for a variety of health concerns including chronic ulcers, fungal skin infections, digestive problems, constipation, heart disease, tumors, nervous disorders, asthma, and more.

Its principle constituents contain chebulagic, chebulinic acid and corilagin, and its fruit is used as an antiviral, coagulant, and laxative. Terminalia also has a wide antibacterial and antifungal spectrum, and is also known as an adaptogen and hepatoprotective (liver protectant).2728

More recently, in a study comparing with three other ayurvedic herbs, terminalia was found to be the best antioxidant among the four extracts.29

A study at the University of Tehran, Iran, tested extracts of terminalia chebula on H. pylori, which showed significant antibacterial activity on H. pylori and other bacterium.30

The H. pylori bacterium has been estimated to be present in 30-40% of the U.S. population, and is considered the world's most common chronic infection.

Evodia Extract

Evodia is a seasonal tree, native to northern China and Korea. Its reddish-brown fruit has been used for thousands of years to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Evodia has also been traditionally used as a painkiller to treat headaches that accompany nausea and vomiting, and relieve pain associated with abdominal hernias.34

Research done in Japan and Korea has found that evodia extracts strongly inhibit the growth of H. pylori, which reinforces its traditional use for digestive ailments.3536

Licorice Extract

Licorice has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic to rejuvenate the heart and spleen, and as a treatment for ulcers, cold symptoms, and skin disorders. It also has a long history throughout the world as a medicinal herb for numerous health complaints.

Modern herbalists commonly utilize licorice in treating adrenal insufficiencies such as hypoglycemia and Addison’s disease, counteracting stress, and in purifying the liver and bloodstream. In combination with other herbs, it is recommended as a demulcent to soothe mucous membranes, and as an expectorant useful in treating flu, colds, respiratory disorders, and bronchitis.

Licorice is commonly used in Europe to treat ulcers, and research is proving that it does, indeed, have very potent therapeutic effects. Licorice extracts protect the esophagus, stomach, and intestinal lining from stomach acids. In cases of heartburn, licorice also helps repair the stomach’s protective mucous lining. In the following studies, two of the standard anti-ulcer medications failed to perform as well as licorice extracts.

In a recent study at the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Virology, Kiel, Germany, researchers found that licorice extract produced a potent effect against strains of H. pylori that are resistant against clarithromycin, one of the antibiotics typically used in the three antibiotic treatment regimen. The authors concluded that this study provides hope that licorice extract can form the basis for an alternative therapeutic agent against H. pylori.32

A study at Toho University, Chiba, Japan, found that licorice extracts are also effective against H. pylori strains that are resistant to both amoxicillin and clarithromycin, making them viable as chemopreventive agents for peptic ulcer or gastric cancer in H. pylori-infected individuals.33


Berberine is a plant alkaloid isolated from the roots and bark of several plants including golden seal, barberry, coptis chinensis and Yerba mansa. Berberine-containing plants have been used medicinally in ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and are known to have antimicrobial activity against a variety of organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, helminths, and chlamydia. Currently, the predominant clinical uses of berberine include bacterial diarrhea, intestinal parasite infections, and ocular trachoma infections.

More recently, berberine has been demonstrated to be effective against H. pylori.42


Curcumin is the substance that gives the spice turmeric its yellow color. Curry powder, which is used extensively in Indian cuisine, is largely made of turmeric and other spices. Curcumin contains many powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which have been shown to support colon health, a healthy cardiovascular system, and most recently brain health. Dozens of studies have shown that it is a chemopreventative, and more recently it has been shown to exert a strong antibacterial effect against H. pylori.

Studies carried out in the U.S.39, Italy40, and Germany41, produced results showing a significant in vitro effect of its extracts against H. pylori, leading researchers to conclude that curcumin could be considered a valuable support in the treatment of the infection.

Should you take these herbs without knowing for sure if you have H. pylori?

That’s a good question. Although you can get tested for H. pylori, the tests are very expensive. All of these herbs can be taken both therapeutically and prophylactically. In other words, they are perfectly safe to take whether you know you have H. pylori, or whether you just want to protect yourself from its devastating effects.

Thyme, licorice, evodia, terminalia chebula, berberine, curcumin and ginger have a long history of providing numerous health benefits without risk of side effects. And it’s important to remember that H. pylori has been implicated as a culprit in several diseases, not just peptic ulcer disease (PUD). It could be residing in your arteries or liver, in which case, you could end up with cardiovascular disease or worse.

So play it safe. If you know that you have an H. pylori infection, take these herbs at a high dose as a therapeutic treatment for 10 days, several times a year. And if you aren’t sure you have H. pylori but want to protect yourself, it’s perfectly safe to take these herbs year round at a low dose.

Caution: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult with your health care professional before taking herbs.

Is there a test for H. pylori infection?

Yes, there are several noninvasive laboratory tests available, although the most common procedure is called endoscopy. This is an uncomfortable exam that requires a narrow tube to be inserted into the stomach through the mouth. Here are several simpler, non-invasive tests to detect H.pylori infection.21

  • Urea breath test is a highly accurate 15-minute test to detect H. pylori infection. The patient ingests radio-labeled urea, which, in the presence of urease produced by H. pylori, is metabolized to carbon dioxide and ammonia. A laboratory assay then is used to detect the radio-labeled carbon dioxide. The test detects very low levels of H. pylori colonization, assesses the entire gastric mucosa, and has a sensitivity of 90-95%. It can be used to diagnose infection, but it is more often used to evaluate the success of treatment of H. pylori infection.
  • Serology: Enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) can detect both immunoglobulin G (IgG) and immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibodies directed against H. pylori. The sensitivity of most serologic tests is approximately 95%.
  • Fecal antigen test: The detection of H. pylori in feces is emerging as a noninvasive method of detection. This test is used mainly for children.


We now know that nine out of ten peptic ulcers are caused by an infection from the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and not by stress or spicy foods as previously thought. We also know that H. pylori may be a culprit in numerous other diseases, including cardiovascular and autoimmune, and various skin disorders and stroke.

Several H. pylori strains have become resistant to two of the three antibiotics used in the triple antibiotic drug therapy prescribed to eradicate it, and researchers are vigorously studying a number of herbal extracts to find an alternative treatment.

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Luckily, we now have an arsenal of natural herbs that have been proven to eradicate H. pylori in vitro, and more and more international laboratories are engaging in clinical studies to assess the efficacy of herbal extracts in treating H. pylori. Because of the growing resistance to antibiotics, it won’t be long before herbal extracts become the treatment of choice—and the key ingredients in pharmaceuticals—to eradicate H. pylori.

These gastric irritants can add fuel to the fire by contributing to the formation of an ulcer, or by exacerbating an existing one:

  • Alcohol has not been scientifically linked to peptic ulcers, but ulcers are more common in people who drink alcohol.8
  • H. pylori is more common in smokers.8 Smoking is also believed to slow down the healing process of an existing ulcer, and contribute to ulcer recurrence.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), (aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium) make your stomach susceptible to the harmful effects of acid and pepsin. They are believed to inhibit prostaglandins, substances that help maintain blood flow to the stomach, and protect the area from injury. And once injured, the stomach acid eats into the tissues. About 15% of people who take NSAIDs on a regular basis have gastric or duodenal ulcers. People who take NSAIDs and are infected with H. pylori are at least 61 times more likely to have ulcers of the stomach and/or duodenum than non-users and noninfected people.4
  • Corticosteroids (hydrocortisone, cortisone, prednisone, etc.) do not increase the risk of duodenal ulcers by themselves, but the risk of a duodenal ulcer is increased when corticosteroids are used in combination with NSAIDs compared to NSAID use alone.5
  • Caffeine seems to stimulate acid secretion in the stomach, which can aggravate the pain of an existing ulcer.
  • Stress is no longer considered a cause of ulcers, but people who already have ulcers frequently report that emotional stress increases their pain. Physical stress, however, can increase the risk of developing ulcers, particularly in the stomach. For example, people with severe burns and individuals undergoing major surgery often require special care to prevent ulcers and ulcer complications.
  • Acid and pepsin—Some health professionals believe that the stomach’s inability to defend itself against the powerful digestive fluids, hydrochloric acid and pepsin, contributes to ulcer formation. The acid pH of the stomach is very tricky, however. Taking antacids, the traditional method of treating ulcers, lowers stomach acid, which actually contributes to the formation of ulcers because of the body’s inability to protect itself against H. pylori. On the other hand, when stomach acid is too high, it can damage the stomach lining.
  • An Israeli study conducted in Kenya found that H. pylori was more prevalent in people who had dyspepsia (the medical term for indigestion) than those who did not (71% vs. 51%), particularly in people younger than 30 years old.6
  • Radiation therapy, burns, and physical injury that damage the stomach or duodenum wall, often set the stage for ulceration.
  • As surprising as it is, stomach acid production is actually increased after drinking milk, and does not relieve stomach ulcers.7

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This was a informative and useful article.can you give little more information on Indian herbs ?Please
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Yes. All of the herbs described are available from Health Freedom Nutrtion. See

I found this article very useful as it has suggested various herbal remedies.

My platelet count was very low around 80k. I read it might be a H.Pylori so I tried 1 bottle of this medicine and my platelet count went up to 128k.

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Hello everyone,
          Iam Sameer. I was detected H.pylori positive 2 years ago. Plus my B12 was low as hell.Normal should be say between 500-1000(something-don’t know the term) mine was 94..yes just 94. Don’t know for how long it was and hopw much damage it had done to my nervous system since I was also had the feeling of fainting(though I never fainted). Anywa when B12 reports came I was horrified and doctors were worried.
They put me on antibiotics for H.pylori and B12 shots for B12 deficiency.
I started the antibiotics course thinking I would be healed after completing the course..but I did not. I mean I check again if the eradication was successful and I did get H.pylori negative.I was somewhat relieved. But I was not well at all. I fealt like I was dying. Lost my weight A LOT.
Side by side I was taking the shots doctors increased my B12 shot ‘gap’ by say once per month.
I was feeling a lot of anxiety and weekness..I mean all the symptoms which a B12 deficient patient feels.
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I used to go to the doctor and complaint about my condition and he used to say me alls in my head…well I was annoyed everytime I went for him for my shit condition and he used to say alls in my head… I changed many doctors all said all was in my head.Some laughed it of and told me to continue my PPI. My IBS was all flared up. Had to watch out whatever I eat. Antibiotics destroyed my digestion.
Well to cut the story short meanwhile I got transfer letter from my job front for 4 months. There I met an doctor army officer were I was posted because of my job and as we discussed and talked we became friends. He saw the hell Iam going through. Well he gave me some paste or say mixture of herbs which was kind of sweet and pungent and told me to have one teaspoon everyday after each meal. For 3 months I did that everyday thinking theres nothing to loose and life cant be bad than this so I just took it blindly and well Iam i think first one here to tell that Iam totally healed after h.pylori. I can eat spicy stuff fatty stuff everything.No binding…nothing. I mean even I didnt knew when I started to eat and feel normal. I mean Iam my old self now. I just cant believe.I thought to tell you people that we can get before. If you wanna know further and more contact me on my email sameeranuj2(at)
Iam always available and open to help you my friends.I know how this shit bug does to our system. Even I was very hopeless and had accepted to live my life like that.Many times I used to cry a lot. I used to fell theres no way out from here. But this paste the army doctor gave me has changed my life…no IBS no pain…No nausea.. No burning nothing but offcourse it took me 3 months to achieve complete recovery. I after so many years ate tomato sauce with chicken burger few days ago and Iam alright. Iam so happy that its over.
Any of you guys want to know more or want help or wanna get alright let me know. I will be more than happy to help you guys,
its not mastic gum nor manuka honey. Its Ayurvedic Medicine one of the many ingredients it has is broccoli…which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory response.Its absolutely safe. Iam not taking it now because by Gods grace Iam alright.

Iam a simple man. I want to help people overcome their problems and lead a happy life.
I believe our digestive health is most important for our overall well being. Ones mood and overall relations….. financial progress all depends on digestion.
If that is improved everything is good.
I was a sufferer and went through hell…I came out and now I want to help others come out.

Hi have just read your comment an very interesting.I was diagnosed with H Pylori quite few months ago and after taking 2 courses of antibiotics( not penicillin as I’m allergic) the doc said there was nothing more he could do so I am left still with it.It is very worrying because I am on omeprazol for heartburn and have been for years now.l have tried stopping them on numerous occasions only to have the burning return within a day.I feel trapped with it and because I am a worrier only makes it worse still.I am very interested in the Ayurvedic Medicine you said has healed your problems and would like to know how I can obtain this medicine as I am desperate so help from you would be greatly appreciated. I just want to feel better again after feeling so bad for so long. Look forward to hearing from you.. Sandy..

Hello Sandy ,
            Well absolutely dont worry.. I was in hell too ...
H.pylori was the worst thing to happen to me. ..I slept in a chair for 3 months because I had so bad reflux… food used to come in my throat if I slept on bed….So for 3 months I slept on a chair… all was hell.
.it is gonna heal you. 100000% guarantee. Everyone got well I sent the mixture/paste to with not even single negative feedback. No negative reviews… everyone is happy to get their life back…
The paste/mixture of the herbs iam talking about roughly has the ingredients say orange saffron-helpful for making new blood…. new ripe Beal fruit which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties(so even if any of the H.pylori is remaining it will die off) and which is THE BEST and THE MOST important ingredient in the mixture. Beal is best for gastrointestinal troubles..INCLUDING IBS. I also had severe IBS and it went off. Don’t know how IBS went off because it’s a functional disorder but still it did…I myself don’t know. Earlier when I had stress in life or if I ate something which did go well with my system…I was dead for 3-4 days with IBS. Mucus and pain and nausea head ache what not….it was hell. But now I don’t suffer anymore. Beal regulates the whole system. Then another ingredient is say… sandalwood fine powder which has best cooling effect(maybe the cool feeling I used to get when I used to take the mixture is mainly because of that)….then shankha powder good too for cooling and regulates acid secretion so that we can let go of those PPIs.I was able to let go of PPI COMPLETELY in say 12 days..Ya there was acid rebound I agree but the paste took care of it. It was not unbearable. I mean I got alright 30% when I could leave those nasty PPIs/acid reducing tablets.After all slowly my body started to regulate itself..(maybe that way—don’t know) Then maybe I think I heard Moti powder say fine pearl powder and other say 8 - 9 other ingredients. ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS…maybe our ancestors used to take and use these things to get rid of H.Pylori before antibiotics were found…
No side effects since its completely natural…

If you need any more assistance regarding the costs and other things please email me on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Dont worry you are going to me completely alright and healthy like before.

Hello sandy
What are your symptoms after h.pylori eradication

Dear friend:  Please let me know about the herbal paste that helped you with your h pylori. I am suffering for long time. I appreciate your help and god bless you. My e-mail is:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Please tell me where to get it.  Thanks again and again.

Shakeh please tell me what were your symptoms & what medication are you taking

I want to add/clarify one more thing here that the mixture of herbs Iam talking here is FULL money back guarantee. So anyone ordering it wont have to loose anything. Be rest assured that you are getting you health back like before.

Hi Sameer,
  Please let me know about the herbal paste that helped you with your h pylori. I am suffering for long time. I appreciate your help and god bless you. My email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Please tell me where to get it.  Thanks again and again.

Appreciate your prompt response.


Dear sameer, please tell me how much the herbal paste would cost

Hello Reginald…. well to know more about the mixture of herbs please email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
There you will be explained everything in details.
Inshort I will tell you that the mixture of herbs is fully effective. No failures till now. Everyone i happy to get their lifes back…

Dear sameer you can email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
but why are you unwilling to provide the cost price here in public. As far as Tim comments is concerned it does not seems to be genuine since you gave your testimonials end Nov 013 & now Tim says he used it for 03 Months

Well Reginald if you read my starting post neatly and carefully which I posted here you will see that I clearly mentioned that I suffered H,pylori 2 years ago(thats in 2011—NOT in 2013).. thats 2 years ago before posting the post here on smart-publications. I posted my first post here on smart Publications on December 14th, 2013.
And I took my mixture of herbs in the end of 2011 and starting of 2012.To be exact.. December 2011 and January 2012.

And Mr.Andrews if Iam right he is from Atlanta took the mixture of herbs in Oct 2013 for 2 months first and after that he again ordered for 1 month extra to be on safer side( I exactly dont remember Mr.Andrews order details but something like that..we have many orders everyday…remembering everyones order details is difficult..I need to open my Microsoft Excel for that)... for details you can contact him.
And nothing like genuinity problems here.
And every patients symptoms are different so accordingly the ingredients go into making the mixture of herbs and according to that the price is decided….. everyone has slightly different symptoms.
It is just not one ingredient.. it is normally the whole mixture of 33 herbs/ ingredients mixed together. If it was just one ingredient then price would be same for all and just shipping would be different.
Thats why I told you to contact me on my email so I can explain you in a better way according to your symptoms…
because everyones symptoms are slightly different.
Please feel free to ask any more questions….

Thats why I am doubting your posting was in dec13 so Tim could not have used it for 3 months
As such we still have not got the price
What ingredients are used that makes each people different , are you a doctor , what guarantee we have to get well

Hello Reginald… why are you assuming that life(everything) started from Dec 13th 2013 ???!!!  Why are you stuck there ?? are you ok ??
We started in mid July 2012 to be precise.
And if you are doubting i cant help it… those who want take it and those who dont want dont take it like any other product.
I think I have made everything clear here… bye.. take care.

Hi Sameer
Please can you send me some information regarding the paste? I am from New Zealand but have just moved to Thailand where I have not been well & told I have a peptic ulcer.
Not speaking the language & not knowing where to go, I would really like some help as I need to fix this problem as quickly as possible.
Do you have a website?
I would be very thankful to receive any help with this problem, it’s wonderful that you have healed & can help others too.
Many thanks
Kind regards

My apologies, I misunderstood who the editor was of this site.
Is there one product that contains all the herbs that you have mentioned above?  I went to the website stated but wasn’t really sure what I was looking for,
Very many thanks

Sameer what price is the mixture please??

Pls send me the healing details l have h pylori. Tx

Has anyone effectively used any of the 7 herbs listed in this article to eradicate/kill H. Pylori in their stomach or duodenum?????? That is the next logical question that no one has addressed. Please share your experiences. Thank you!!!!!!

Well people I especially came here to make it clear that please dont ask about the ingredients because as I said everyones symptoms are different and accordingly the ingredients go into it,
Plus you need to be a doctor to make the mixture of herbs… just having knowledge of some herbs wont do…(I said it because people do email me telling me they have some knowledge about herbs and that they expect I should tell them everything and they will make the herbs on their own) it is not like that….again Iam saying you need to be an ayurvedic/herbal doctor for that.
Like for teeths there is a dentist,,,, for intestines there is a gastroenterologist… for eyes there is an optometrist for bones there is an orthopedic doctor like that for ayurvedic there is an ayurvedic doctor. Please understand…...
Let me add one more thing though… the doctor which I mentioned in my post has also done MBBS, MS, FRCS (Edin), DLS(France), MD(liver transplant), FSGE(NIMS), FIAGES, FLCS, advanced bariatric surgery traning from houston northwest endosurgical unit, USA and his specialities are gastroenterology, laparoscopic surgeon, surgical gastroenterology, bariatric surgeon, pancreatic surgeon, gastrointestinal oncology, hepatobiliary surgeon but still he prefers healing patients in a natural way because ayurveda cures the diseases from its roots.
Plus he is also a ayurveda/natural/herbal doctor..
So please dont ask for ingredients….. everyone is different….and about price well it is decided according to patients symptoms which ingredient goes into the mixture of herbs….
Hope I made all clear here…. thanks. 

Dear Sameer,

With all due respect, it sounds like you’re not being truthful and fabricating much or all of what you’re saying & writing.

Be a good man, and be honest.  It sounds like you are just merely selling a concoction and not wanting to reveal what is in the concoction because you will lose customers. But, consumers have a right to know, in this day and age, what exactly they are getting. Herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors will always reveal to the patient and consumer what they are prescribing and what is in the herbal concoction. 

You just merely sound like a quack who wants to sell snake oil.

If you want strangers to even give you an oz. of respect, then I suggest transparency be one of your goals. 

Be an honest man. It’s good for you.

Yes also one more thing I wanna add that when patients tell us their symptoms and email us their reports doctor decides which ingredients will go into the mixture and accordingly we write the ingredients on the box which are in the mixture for the patient to know what he/she is taking and also for customs purpose.

Thankyou….take care….

Dear sameer,

Please provide the doctors name so that we can verify directly here in the US and directly consult with him
If there was such a mixture I think the doctor would have already become a billionaire



Dear Sameer,

Your hostility along with your many secrets make you look guilty.  If this is a real product, then you should have no problem revealing the ingredient and the price, and exactly where we sufferers can order this from LEGITIMATELY.

What you’re doing here by creating this article and/or writing these threads is black market, underground behavior and that makes you look like a snake oil salesman who wants to cheat good people.


Hi Sameer
I am confused, you have said that the price is different for everyone & depends on the ingredients that go in to the product which corresponds with the individuals symptoms.  However you quoted me $92US without asking me what my symptoms are?
I agree with the other peoples posts, there is no transparency, a lot of things just don’t add up in what you are saying & sadly if this really is a great product then a lot a sick people are being put off buying it because of the way you are conducting things.  You are actually putting people off purchasing it with all this secrecy & long winded explanations that don’t tell us anything of any use.
You also say that the mixture is a paste, I asked you to send me a picture of your product; what you sent me was a photo of a bottle of liquid.
If you have a serious product that really works then you need to answer everyone’s questions, share who this amazing Dr is & stop confusing everyone with long baffling replys.
The herbs discussed in the editorial aren’t even the same thing you are talking about which is massively confusing; people think they are commenting to the editor of that editorial & you are not that person….this whole thing is VERY confusing not to mention frustrating.
If you aren’t prepared to make things, clear, simple, short & easy for your customers then I think the safest thing for people to do is seek out their own Ayurvedic Doctor to be examined by & natural medicines administered, at least that way they can choose to visit a registered Dr in their area, there isn’t only one person out there that can achieve the same result, I will keep looking until my intuition tells me I’m dealing with an honest person who is transparent in all dealings.

Hi Sameer,If You are trustworthy and really wants to help people
be honest and tell the people that how many people cured and how many not? I will really buy those product if you have anything for IBS and for constipation and for All muscles relaxtions and for muscles pains.Let me Know.

Actually you know what people after reading all your posts I agree with what Tina said - ” the safest thing for people to do is seek out their own Ayurvedic Doctor to be examined by & natural medicines administered, at least that way they can choose to visit a registered Dr in their area, there isn’t only one person out there that can achieve the same result, I will keep looking until my intuition tells me I’m dealing with an honest person who is transparent in all dealings”
And Tina thats true that I didnt ask you your symptoms—- BUT when you emailed me you told me your symptoms on your own. Why would i ask the questions again….
But I absolutely agree with Tina….offcourse you are free to follow your intuitions,,,,
Also people if my posts are bothering you soo much… you can please tell the editor of to remove them. I have no problems with that.
Thankyou and God bless everyone….


Just chew a few big chunks of raw ginger when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed. H Pylori fears the ginger juice. Happy Recovery!

Hello dhananjaya , yes ginger is a good thing but when stomach is unwell ginger irritates the stomach lining

Yes Reginald is absolutely right Dhananjaya… ginger will irritate the stomach more especially if it is simple gastritis or antral gastritis or any other irritation of the stomach or intestines….ginger is good only to those whoes stomach mucosa is good or when stomach mucosa is reformed.
We just cant give raw ginger like that ... we have to bind its molecules so that they will not hurt the stomach and make matters worst. During gastritis which 99.9% of people have after the eradication substances like bel…ginger…turmeric…etc though good to listen and good on paper we just cant consume them directly. They will hurt our system more.

What are those remedies?

H Pylori is Not Killer Bacteria Its present in everybody but in some cases numbers increase. Yes Doctors are Right If we are stress,Sad, in Hurry, this problem will not cure easily. SO First of All Relax, Be Happy, Play Games, LOVE Ur JOB. Forget Stress.

Stress /hurry ness/fastness is main cause also for this problem. You have to change ur Life Style a little.

Final thing is Go to any Ayurvedic Hospital & Get Treatment or in INDIA you can go to Baba Ram Dev Aasaram or any of GOOD Ayurvedic Doctor He will give best treatment & also not BE HAPPY & FORGET STRESS & DO YOGA DAILY Eat these herbs in ur daily food.

hello Samir, I am asthmatic for last 7 yrs. i have been on corticosteroids for last 7 yrs. Yesterday reports sd that i have H.pylori.i am taking hevy anitbiotics.but wish to be rid of this completely. will your medicine work for me.i had started ayurvedic medicenes for asthma but not will have to stop that and get rid of h.pylori first. will your medicene work for me.

I want everyone to stop being so cynical when someone is trying to do their best to help them. See the light in Sameer for the good he is trying to do. I see beyond the suspicion that everyone else seems to have. This oerson is TRYING TO HELP YOU, and IS GENUINE. Why can’t anyone see this!????!!! Sameer is tyring to say that only once he knows your symptoms in great detail, only THEN is he able to work out which herbs need to be included in the medicine paste; which intern - decides the cpst, as possible each ingredient has a differing cost. AS you will see from any herb availbale to buy in this world, the cost will reflect the scarcity of the herb or how difficult it is to come by or to cultivate. Saffron is expensive in tiny quantities - for example. Therefore, why is everone having so many doubts about Sameer’s integrity when this person has a genuine interest in helping you all ; and so far, I have nothing he has said which would give rise to any doubts whatsoever, if you are all willing to read his detailed accounts more thoroughly than you obviously have been up to now. I advise you all to re- read his accounts and comments and replies, and take on boi€ard the genuine way this person is coming across in his words. I can completely understand WHY he would need to know the details of a condition before being able to ascertain a price and quote it to an enquirer; especailly if people were to be fully aware of HOW Ayurvedic medicine works and HOW it is put together. if one understands the details of this aspect, then they would fully appreciate that in Ayurveda, it is the WAY ecah ingredient is incoorporated within the medicine; the quantity - thyerein, etc which is determined BY the details of the actual illness being suffered and being wished to be treated.  This type of medicine also requires an indepth understanding of a condidtion a patient is suffering to be able to tailor-make the nedicine to the actual individual. So, what is the probelm with you all!!!! YOU are SO SO SO untrusting and sceptical,. If you kearn about Ayurveda BEFORE you comment on Sameer’s posts you would find you had nothing put positive things to write about him; his posts and his help he is trying to provide for you all. For goodness sake’ see the light in people - the lot of you!!!!!

Sameer is liar and he is trying to cheat people..Do not trust sameer,he needs money only,No one is cured…saffron price is not that much and no herb that much expensive..bearface is Sameer so people becareful..sameer you should stop now.Otherwise i will complain against u..

This is scary Sameer, isn’t it!  People are so scary!

Bear face,,,,well dont say anything here/dont take my side. Let people judge everyone on their own. No ones a fool.
Let them decide.
And really good to know that you know about ayurveda and herbal medicines… keep it up. Afterall natural cure is natural cure. Nothing can beat that… it cures from the roots….bye. Take care..

Ok Sameer. But my statement that people are scary was meaning that it is scary how suspicious and blaming and condemning people can be when they are not prepared to educate themslves about Ayurveda. If they commented after becoming informed and educated I believe their response would be wholey positive and agreeable. It seems that everyone in this world is ready to be suspicious about things these days and they rarely see anything positive about the world or people around them.

You have said in earlier posts that people do not need to buy if they do not believe; noboday can be fairer than that!

I just find it realy scary that the world seems to be made up of such condemnign people who are quite ready to believe they are seeing things correctly, yet not ready to see the positives in anything as easily; then, they comment in such a distructive way - based on their lack of education about a subject.

Best wishes Sameer and thanks for your comment in response to mine earlier..

I am sure,No one cured by taking your mixture of nothing,yeah people is not fool but they are suffering and you people just play with them.Stop playing with people.Everyone knows about saffron and about all herbs..You are trying to make money only.Who cured and Who took your mixture? I am 100% sure they are not cured and still facing the health problem.

Dear Sameer

this is regarding the h pylori.i cam to know about this 21 dec 2014.since from that day dr prescribed me medicine for two weaks tab clarithromycin ,amoxylin and pantaparazole for two weeks then stop medicine for 4 weaks then aftr I went to see dr after 6 weaks and for UBT once I did this test the result was positive.then he prescribed me medicine again for 2 weaks tht is tab levofloxin and metronidazole and pentaparzole..I am still on medicine but I realy got fed up with this medicine.i hav lost my wait around 6 kg.i don’t know wht to do.plz sugest me.tht will b grt of you and same will b higly appreciated…

Thanks & Regards


I loved this article and comment. myself Prakash. Before 1.5 years I started to have heavy breakfast with junk for one month because of my gym habit, he give me some vitamin tablet and asked to eat heavy breakfast. I got acidity, then I had ulcer, constipation and mucus in stool. I was terrified years for one year. I diagnosed ulcer before 6 month. Nothing is worked. Finally I had digestion problem. I am just following acid/alkaline diet plan.

Sameer, Could you please help to get rid of h Pylori infection.
I am having
Frequent burping
Stomach Burnings.
Crawling in head.

Hi Sameer,

could u please contact me
mail id .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address),

Please let me know about the herbal paste that helped you with your h pylori. I am suffering for long time. I appreciate your help and god bless you. My e-mail is:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address),  Please tell me where to get it.  Thanks again and again.

Hi, dear Samir,
Can you help me to tell about the ingredient of that herbal paste. I am totally offset with PPI and my systems of belching still persisting and in blood test there is no h. pylori. But i am facing all the symptoms of affecting h. pylori.
please be help to tell the ingredients of paste.

can i know the website and the other details about the herb. and doctor.

did anyone take this herb.

sameer i wanna buys those mixtures and i will let others know about mixtures thats really works or not?

I took mastic gum for 5 months without any positive effects (endoscopy after 5 months proved the h Pylori was still there.) I took the triple therapy and had a severe reaction to the clarithromycin on the 3rd day and couldn’t take it any more but continued with the PPI and amoxycillin - took them for 14 days. In addition to the antibiotic therapy I stopped any sugar, gluten foods, only ate broccoli, cabbage brown/white rice, boiled chicken, drank raw juices - carrots with spinach and red beets (horrendous taste, nearly vomited it back every time sorry for oversharing, but that’s the reality). No fruits other than blueberries and lemons in my water. 8 Glasses of liquids daily. In addition I supplemented with vitamin C, B complex, Curcumin, Cinnamon, probiotic, . After the therapy was over I continued taking curcumin, cinnamon, probiotic. I added an enzyme with hCL to recover my stomach. I tested a month later stool test as HP negative. It took 6 months for my stomach to get better though - lots of mint teas, I also took slow release mint pills to mitigate the IBS that ocurred as a result of the antibiotics. Additionally I drank ginormous amounts of teas that contained ginger, mint, marshmallow, thyme, fennel. I lost 20 pounds while trying to recover. I am writing all this so you are prepared that the battle is not easy and it is long, especially if you are over 35. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel After six months of suffering your reflux will be gone, and things will get good again. Don’t despair. One piece of advice - don’t self=diagnose, make sure you have a definitative diagnosis. Don’t rely on herbs alone, you have to take the antibiotics, there’s no other way. Don’t trust people who will tell you that herbs will solve your problems. Herbs will not eradicate the HP on their own, they are too stubborn. Most importantly, no sharing of utensils in your household, wash everything with hot water and soap, wash your hands all the time. Good luck, you will get there!

I agreed with Mikunda because such people like sameer he is trying to kill people and just want to gain money,these types of people should be allowed to the virtual world..

thanks for sharing your story of recovering, Mikunda


Very important warning about Sameer, who is claiming to be able to cure H.Pylori with his “mixture of herbs” above:

DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY. He is a fraud. There are no herbs, there never was any herbs, and he WILL steal your money.

He posts everywhere on this board (and many other places on the internet) claiming that he can cure H.Pylori, but all he does is take your money and leave you with your illness.

No doubt he will try and reply to this post making excuses why something went wrong. Do not trust anything he says.

It is really unfortunate that someone goes so low that they steal from people who are ill and are the worst off.

If you were scammed by Sameer, then contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). The more evidence we can gather the better to try and put a stop to his operation.


sameer is stealer do not trust him.

I cant understand why sheela is behind sameer. Feels like sameer caught her cheating. !!!!! kidding..
Anyway guys I took the herbs iam ok. I ordered for 3 months. iam on day 43 and I do feel fine. Some ray of hope.Feel healthy.My husband came home for a weekend and he is really surprised that i can go with him for a bicycle ride.Earlier I couldn’t even move i was very weak.But now when i see myself in the mirror i feel circles under my eyes have vanished.can sleep peacefully now.  I would definitely suggest you guys.
Guys ignore negative people like sheela from your life. 
Please sheela dont misguide people. Dont play with people health.

Sameer do not post by urself you money stealer,i request to everyone do not buy mixture it does not work for hpylori,because there is no such herb for hpylori,this sameer just wants money and u die or live sameer does not care because he wants only money. this tania is sameer himself,

iam telling you fkrs you bitches & bastard people what i say is always right.everybody has to listen to one has brains over here.
may you people die of h,pylori.f k you all.

Sheela first you say there is nothing such as mixture and then you say the mixture does not work for h,pylori.what does that mean?
i think you need psychology medical treatment.
You are deliberately confusing people over here and expecting people to listen to you forcefully.this is not right.


i want to know the truth about sameer and stuff.all is confusing on
smart publications.iam suffering with pylori and wish to buy the herbs
which sameer mentioned.
contacted sameer and he seems ok. re replied me iam pretty convinced.
but before ordering i wish to know the truth

I think anyone accusing here should leave their phone numbers so people can call them and cross check them because accusing someone is very easy thing….
People are not willing to disclose their identity and expecting us all to believe them. Even the accuser can be a fraud. If you were really scammed you would have shared your information with all of us to believe you more which is very natural.
You understand what iam saying? You have to prove what you are trying to say. Just hiding and talking bad about someone wont do. Iam a lawyer. I know what it takes to win a case.
Anyone can say anything about anyone.Even sameer can accuse anyone of anything but we want proof before somebody is proven guilty. Dont stop there stick the proofs on internet for everyone to know.
Iam not taking anyones side. We want proofs.Hide and seek wont do. Come in the open.

now sameer become a lawyer lol,sameer wants money only,better to go to a doctor(hebalist),sameer just wants money nothing mature guys.

fuck you everyone otherwise die.iam telling you sameer wants is better we give money to always against sameer.

It provides literally more informative about natural herbs. Natural herbs is helpful for the different health disease.

I tried all kinds of Natural and Herbal stuff before getting so sick I could not eat and the pain was horrible. I went with the PPI/Antibiotic route. I was very afraid it would not work and I would have side effects from the meds. But it worked. I would recommend this over any natural and herbal products. I was sick for over a year and started feeling better a few weeks after the PPI/Antibiotic treatment.  I would also say when you take the PPI/Antibiotic course, do it exactly as the Doc says and also take a really good probiotic with it. Good Luck to all

stop it sameer guys this L.E is no one else but sameer.fuk you sameer.get lost.dont change names and posts here.
you fk guys dont believe him. iam here.

Sameer is not a doctor. he met one Army medical person who is a MBBS and gave him this paste. his story reads like a scam desperate to sale some paste. in India lot of people cheat by Ayurveda medicine. its safe to contact some genuine person who can take your case to a proper Ayurveda practitioner and help you. i have read some of text on Ayurveda written by some USA doctor studied may be in india and their knowledge is far ahead than people studying here. so if you find a local Ayurveda practitioner do believe him. its not necessary that you need one from India. many Ayurveda medicine has generic name so not a problem to find them through a friend or anyone from India. it seems no one tested Sameer and the few posting in support of sameer never used that. as i told you the formulation or mixture of medicine should not be done by sameer or his godsend story MBBS doctor.

Sameer iam not gonna leave you till you send me the paste free of charge.iam gonna keep on coming here.

Hi all, there is no magic when treating H pylori, i have been having it for a while, went to the doctor and he recimended ESO Kit plus another called ULGEL. The meds work great, she also recomended some lifesyle changes, these include eating alot of immune boosters. I have also been talking herbal tea once daily and now its gone. Hope this is useful

shutup Isaac do not trust Isaac. he is a lier. immune boosters my ass think why in the first place did your immune go down.
do not misguide people here Isaac.

can someone help me!!! I have H, Pylori for the seconded time I have started the medication but it has made me so ill I had to stop taking it. DOSE anyone know of a natural medication to get rid of this because I am sick to death of feeling ill all the time. Also when I sit sown I feel like there is something trapped in my stomach, I cant eat a lot of foods as the acid is a nightmare please any help from anyone would be fantastic. also I have problems with a lot of medication because I get the worse side effects ????

now i can see what is happening here. i have posted only once. now i can see someone else has posted in my name. it must be by sameer. i never asked him free medicine or i never commented on issac. i request the ADMIN to allow comment only through email validation. so that sameer cant use others name to post here like he did with me.

i found sameer has no credential, has no knowledge of Ayurveda and without license. he is just looking for money.

Hi Rex and everyone else, i am not a doctor and i might not know many things about diseases and particularly H Pylori, but i was just trying to give my personal experience with H Pylori since i have suffered from it. The doctor advised me to take immune boosters since one of the reason why you develop symptoms related to H pylori is because you have other complications. It is a Fact that people can live with H Pylori all their lives and never develop any symptoms because they dont develop other complications due to the strength of their immune system. If you have lived in the US and have gone to a medical doctor he will definitely touch on that subject unless he forgets. Any way Thanks You and I don’t want NEGATIVE COMMENTS since its just my personal experience you are free to share yours

shut the fu*kup isaac who asked you your personal experience.
do not misguide people.

Rex if you are tired of living there is something called Euthanasia, - you can google it - you seem to be in pain and physiologically affected probably by your disease but am sorry i cant help you. Do you have family or friends you can probably talk to? Coz i think you don’t have H pylori. I THINK YOU ARE F**KED UP PRETTY BAD. Sorry dude

shutup issac you are f*cked up.i know everyone here.everyone is a fraud are no one but sheela.
you cant f*ck here.get lost and dont ever come here.

Hey Rex, tell your mum am coming over tomorrow, Ok? last time she was very sweet. But i forgot to tell her to watch over you. I think she must have have been too drunk with pleasure.

this is my third post. go for genuine Ayurvedic doctors. there are many doctors giving online consultation. discuss with them your symptoms. see if they are working with some hospital or organization dont go without a background check. to be safe see someone from south India. here is a link i think you know about the magical paste

if anyone want help buying any medicine i can help getting their contact and also i can help sending the medicine through courier. i can do it as some help to people suffering. no need to pay me anything. and here is another link for purchasing genuine Ayurvedic product

there are other manufacturer like Dabur, Jhandu, pls google them. the admin should nt have allowed the post by Issac that is sameer. i request people to ignore sameer and issac comments and try to contact Ayurvedic Doctors and even online consultation. sameer is a vegetable seller from delhi.

Hi Issac for your information i have commented 3 time in this thread. and now this one is fourth.
June 16th, 2014 at 5:27am by rex
August 7th, 2014 at 10:55pm by rex
August 8th, 2014 at 10:47pm by rex

the other posting by rex is not mine that must be by sameer. i will never use bad language. i have only one interest that Ayurveda should not be abused and people should get true information. helping someone dont involve money.


Lela vilas ras

Dhatri loah

Sutsekhar ras

Kamdugdha ras

Prwal pisti

Prawal panchamrit ras

Akeek pisti

Jawahar mohra Pisti

Mix all those ayurveda drugs to form one compounds and need to take with Honey .. morning and evening ..

Along with Vidangarista

4 tea spoon vidangrista + 4 tea spoon drinking water after lunch and dinner

That is complete treatment on basis of Rasayan therapy ..

can meet me at skype= vaidyajitripathi, can mail about your health issues= .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
can visit to my clinic noida- Arogysadnam
H-129, Sector-41

hi f*cker rex first you say you will not take money then you give your clinic address so people will come and you will extract money from them then you say consult someone from south India then you give your clinics North Indias address. What is going on ? you are a deepshit f*cker.

i have given the detail of the medicine and not to contact me but to consult a doctor. i have given more detail and again here is another link there is more information and its blog of a doctor take whatever information you want drop what you dont want.

i will post more link so that people will learn themselves. i dont own dabur or jhandu or patanjali yogashrama. i will post many more link and address dont worry. again i m telling take any south indian Ayurvedic hospital they are safe.  sheela, sameer, issac all are same. sameer is a vegetable seller i know him.

here is some link that will clear your doubt about Ayurveda its easy to follow.

search for online consultation some are sending medicines in courier. sameer i know you dont know what is HELP or service. if you are a professional stay away from this thread. dont sell any medicine without license.

sameer is desperately posting using others name. he has tried to exploit, rex, sheela, Issac bearface and many. this only shows how mean and his upbringing is how low (his parents). people go to rexs link and look for more information online consultation from certified doctor. buy medicine from large organization and institute rather than buying from individual. search online Ayurveda consultation in google go for any south indian Ayurvedic hospital.

sameer is selling something which is not his own. he is exploiting the people and the doctor. let us disregard any thing that is related to sameer. there is enough information to learn more about this disease and get help from some certified doctor.

sameer i have posted the above comment. just to let know people that its easy to take others name. now you are fcked. dont ever mess with rex

Rex if you are tired of living there is something called Euthanasia, - you can google it - you seem to be in pain and physiologically affected probably by your disease but am sorry i cant help you. Do you have family or friends you can probably talk to? Coz i think you don’t have H pylori. I THINK YOU ARE F**KED UP PRETTY BAD. Sorry dude

I was very keen on buying your “cure” until you real colours started to show the more I read.  You are very unprofessional.  And you know what?  FUCK YOU TOO.

My God people here seem very misguided and angry.
My opinion is those who want to follow rex,sameer,sheela etc should follow but i wish people should not make the post ugly talking bad things about others. Everybody has the right to say their own experiences but abusing someone for that is not good.If you find something not appropriate dont talk. Just dont make this post bad. People come here looking for help.And if rex sameer sheela wants to help people let them do it. Please dont make it dirty because helping someone is not easy not possible for many people. people just do the easiest thing-TO ACCUSE. Just to sit and to accuse others is the easiest thing for someone to do in life.
It takes nothing. Real challenge lies in helping without selfish needs.
Rest God looks after everyone.

It generates peptic cankers by weakening the protective layer of the endure furthermore duodenum, which lets sour to provoke the fastidious endure lining. tutoring jobs

I produce ulcer drug in Nigeria, 100% money back, if not effective, but I can garantee that its works.I even need a distributor.

Hello.trials of herbs such as haritaki,lemongrass,ginger and curcumin have been positive against h pylori from an immunological point h pylori causes and upregulation of interleukin 8,6 and 12 and also interferon gamma shifting ur immune system to a th1 dominant also upregulates interleukin 1 a and b.immune therapy with antiinterleukin 1 and interleukin 10 from guna(italian company) along with the above mentioned herbs and zinc carnosine is very effective against h pylori.also take dgl half hr before meals to lower the gastric burn tht happens.
I am a doctor from bombay india

Dear sir, i have H pylori Positive i used Antibioitic medication like metronidazole and clarithromycine with esomeprazole not yet heal..
Please priscribe me herbal medication righ now i am allergic from Antibiotic medication…
HOpe to hear from you soon..
taif khan

Hello Taif,

As i said lemongrass methanol or acetone extracts along with curcumin and garlic alcoholic extracts are very effective against h pylori.but along with that you will also need the required interleukins such as interleukin 6 and 8 blockers from guna( italy) along with antiinterleukin 1 if u have ibs like symptoms or mucositis.if you are in mumbai u can mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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