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EDTA Oral Chelation Treats and Prevents Cardiovascular Disease … A Surprising Explanation for its Effectiveness!

Undoubtedly, you know someone who's had a heart attack or stroke. Or maybe your own health has suffered from restricted blood flow. It wouldn't be surprising.

According to the World Health Organization, ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, accounting for a combined 15 million deaths in 2015. These diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last 15 years.

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EDTA Chelation

Remove Toxins & Protect Health
With EDTA & Malic Acid

Closer to home, three Americans suffer a heart attack every minute of every day, totaling well over a million heart attacks each year. Millions more suffer from strokes, high blood pressure or related conditions.

What if there was a way to reverse the damage of cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol and blood viscosity, increasing flexibility in the blood vessels, and removing toxins? Well, there is, and it's even better than you might think … safe, effective, well researched, and—to top it off—inexpensive.

Smart Publications is proud to feature Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, the father of modern chelation therapy, in a question and answer section on how oral chelation is an important safety precaution for everyone who wants to take control of their health and longevity. You'll learn how Dr. Gordon has helped more than one million people avoid bypass surgery, and why heavy metal toxicity is one of the root causes of cardiovascular disease and many of the other diseases that plague modern man.

Most importantly, you'll learn Dr. Gordon's advice on how oral chelation can provide the blood itself with the nutrients and other factors that will restore it to health and cut down your risk of cardiovascular disease.

"I firmly believe that an oral chelation program can do more for your overall longevity than you can do even with the most prudent lifestyle possible because of the continuous nutritional protection chelation offers against a stressful and polluted world." —

Garry Gordon, MD, DO

Read the interview here: Dr. Garry Gordon Interview: The Health Benefits of EDTA Chelation Therapy

Oral chelation is cheap, available, easy… and you don't need the supervision of a doctor

Chelation therapy is not new. It's been around for a long time. EDTA—chelation's main ingredient, a synthetic amino acid, very similar to four molecules of vinegar—was synthesized in Germany in 1935. It was used during WWII for detoxifying lead from the men who worked in battery factories or painted ships with lead-based paints. Thirty years ago, Dr. Garry Gordon established the first intravenous chelation protocol. And today, EDTA is the standard FDA approved treatment for lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium poisoning. The American Heart Association also recognizes chelation therapy as a treatment for heavy metal poisoning.1 

What is new is this: Thanks to medical pioneers like Garry Gordon MD, DO, we now know that oral chelation therapy can help treat heart disease.

How does oral chelation work?

Chelation comes from the Greek word "claw," meaning "to grab," which is exactly what EDTA does. When a molecule of EDTA travels through the bloodstream and gets near a toxic metal such as lead or mercury, it grabs the destructive particle and binds tightly with it, pulling it out of the membrane or body tissue it was embedded in.

Since EDTA is an artificial amino acid, and since the body regards it as a foreign substance, the body eliminates the entire particle—the heavy particle coated with EDTA. The body can't tell that underneath the coating is some harmful material that it might be willing to keep even though it is harmful. Ultimately, both the EDTA and the toxic substance are delivered to the kidneys, which excrete them in the urine.2 

Oral chelation:

  • provides a safe, effective, and more convenient method than IV chelation , for gaining the benefits of EDTA.
  • supports normal endothelial function, which is vital to a healthy cardiovascular system. (The endothelium is a saran-wrap-like lining inside the 7,000 miles of blood vessels in your body.) For a detailed discussion see the section "What does nitric oxide have to do with preventing heart attack and stroke?"
  • prevents the production of free radicals that cause cellular damage in the blood, cells and organs throughout the body.

EDTA is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent premature aging

EDTA has been proven to protect cell membranes, DNA and enzyme systems by reducing the destructive effects of free radicals.345 

You've heard the term before, but what exactly are free radicals? Free radicals are reactive molecules that are unstable because they are missing an electron. In an effort to replace their lost electron, they frantically bump into and damage the molecules that make up the cells in your body. In the process, they cause oxidation of body tissues.

It's impossible to be alive and not have some oxidative damage, because free radicals are produced by normal processes in the body, such as the production of energy and immune function. Free radicals also come from environmental sources including heavy metals, household chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, tobacco smoke, food additives, foods that have been fried in oil that's been used over and over again (typical in many fast-food restaurants), and other pollutants. Once free radicals are released, they will multiply exponentially in chain reactions, unless they are stopped by antioxidants.

When a free radical comes in contact with the inner lining of your arteries, microscopic injuries result. This process is called lipid peroxidation (the process that causes fats to become rancid) and is recognized as one of the underlying causes of atherosclerosis. Eventually the build-up of fat, cholesterol, toxic metals and other substances at the site of injury narrows the arteries. The key is to neutralize free radicals before they damage your arteries … and that's done with antioxidants.

Stop free radicals before they attack

Antioxidants are the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or other chemical compounds— such as EDTA—that give up an electron to stop the production of free radicals. And EDTA actually reduces free radicals even before they have a chance to get started. Here's how: When metals, minerals and other toxins are in the body, they act as the catalyst for oxidation reactions, including lipid peroxidation. This triggers the production of free radicals.

But when EDTA is in the blood, it removes the metals and minerals before they get a chance to catalyze, or start the oxidation reactions. The result? The production of free radicals is dramatically reduced and their destructive influence is prevented — which means DNA and cells stay healthy — so YOU stay healthier and live longer!

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Editor's Note:

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These articles are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with a physician before embarking on a dietary supplement program.


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