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D-Ribose is Awesome! - Interview with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

D-Ribose is Awesome! - Interview with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., is a board-certified internist and a leading researcher in the field of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia. Dr. Teitelbaum has written extensively on health and happiness, and has made hundreds of media appearances. He is author of the best selling books, From Fatigued to Fantastic!, Pain Free 1-2-3, and Three Steps to Happiness: Healing Through Joy.

Smart Publications sat down with Dr. Teitelbaum recently to discuss happiness and the barriers people face in their attempts to achieve happiness.

To read the full interview on happiness, please click here.

While talking about happiness, Dr. Teitelbaum had a short conversation about the natural energy booster — D-Ribose.

D-Ribose (also known as Ribose) is a simple sugar produced in the body that is used by all living cells. It is an important part of the building blocks of life that form DNA and RNA molecules, and is one of the critical ingredients in the production of adenosine tri-phospate (ATP). ATP is the body’s primary energy-carrying molecule and works to convert food and nutrients into usable energy.

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Large amounts of ATP can be depleted in the heart and skeletal muscles through stress or exercise, so supplementing with D-Ribose can help restore lost energy.

Below is what Dr. Teitelbaum had to say about this natural energy booster:

Dr. Teitelbaum: Are you familiar with D-Ribose?

SP: Yes.

Dr. Teitelbaum:  D-Ribose is awesome! We just published a study on it. And we are actually doing a double blind study right now.

SP: Who would benefit from D-Ribose supplementation?

Dr. Teitelbaum:  D-Ribose is for anybody with fatigue, pain or heart disease. And also, if I was an athlete in competitive sports, I would take it. Having said that … you should know that I take it each day. It’s one of my daily regimes. Because it gives me an energy boost, I like it.

SP: What’s the proper dosage for D-Ribose for someone suffering from fatigue?

Dr. Teitelbaum:  It’s five grams, three times a day. I like the brands that have the little scoop in it. Just make sure its pure D-Ribose or D-Ribose mixed with malic acid/magnesium. And again, look for the one with the scoop so you can measure out the five grams. It looks and tastes just like sugar. You can take it as you take sugar, in tea or other beverages. I don’t eat sugar but I take the D-Ribose. So you take the five grams, three times a day for two weeks. And then you can cut back to five grams twice a day.

Our study showed it takes an average of 12 days to start feeling better and experience the energy increase. The study participants had an average 45% increase in energy. That was average.

SP: That’s amazing …

Dr. Teitelbaum:  Yes, and about 2/3 of the participants improved. And across the board, including the 1/3 that didn’t improve, the average increase in energy was 45% and the average increase in well-being was 30%.

SP: How long do you take the D-Ribose?

Dr. Teitelbaum:  Most people take it long-term. What I find is … go ahead and clean up your life enough so that you are not overdrawing your energy account. Then, you can consider coming off it.

SP: Once the energy returns?

Dr. Teitelbaum: But on the other hand, what I find with most people … is when their energy gets better, they want to increase their spending.

SP: Writing more checks for energy …

Dr. Teitelbaum:  What I tell them is go ahead and spend the energy, but only spend it on things that feel good. Again, I take D-Ribose every day because I like the energy boost that it gives me. As I said, D-Ribose is awesome!

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