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Biorhythm Brain Boosters - Nourish Your Brain Both Day and Night!

Sometimes it’s not which smart nutrients you take but when you take them that really counts

Could you be smarter than you already are? Could you think faster, calculate quicker and remember more than you already do? The answer is undeniably YES!

Modern science has identified dozens of “smart nutrients” that have powerful, positive effects on the human brain. And what’s even more exciting is the fact that they’ve identified the optimal time of day (or night) to take these brain boosting nutrients so as to have maximum effect on cognition and brain function.

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The daily human sleep/wake cycle is the result of our internal biorhythm. What these scientists have discovered is that certain nutrients have a more pronounced affect on the brain and body when they are ingested in accordance with the human biorhythm. Thus, biorhythm brain boosters are not some fanciful form of science fiction, but instead a proven fact that could allow you to rebuild and protect your brain while you sleep, and learn better and remember more while you are awake.

Of course, some “smart nutrients” are not bound by biorhythms and will promote and enhance cognitive function no matter what time of day they are ingested. But others have definitely shown to work better when taken in conjunction with the biorhythm cycle.

What follows is a list of 12 “smart nutrients” that have been divided into three categories:

1. Anytime Brain Boosters—These enhance cognitive function no matter what time of the day they are ingested.

2. Daytime Brain Boosters—These nutrients have shown to work best when taken in the morning, allowing them to work during your “awake biorhythm.”

3. Nighttime Brain Boosters—These nutrients should be taken a few hours prior to going to sleep, so that they can bolster your brain during your “asleep biorhythm.”

Biorhythm brain boosting really is the next step in cognitive enhancement. Read on to see which smart nutrients should be taken when and how they work with your body’s natural biorhythm to make your brain function at optimal speed.


Brain Boosters

Ferulic Acid—Disrupts amyloid plaque formation; anti-inflammatory in brain tissue; antioxidant

Ginkgo biloba—Changes genetic programming for aging; protects mitochondria; antioxidant; anti-inflammatory

Huperzine-A—Stabilizes ACh-AChE activity; antioxidant

Vinpocetine—Improves cerebral circulation; improving brain cell ATP use; improves O2 / glucose use in brain

Brain Boosters

Ashwaganda—Antioxidant, daytime stress reliever

Panax Ginseng—Energy booster, antioxidant; anti-stress

Peony—Protects neurons; improves memory; antioxidant

Schisandra—Protects against daytime neuron cell death

Brain Boosters

Bacopa—Enhances neurotransmission; stabilizes ACh-AChE activity; antioxidant; rebuilds ATP

Centella asiatica—Increases density of dendrites while you sleep; anti-stress

Ginger—General anti-inflammatory by interrupting prostaglandin / lukotriene synthesis

Magnolia—Major nighttime stress reliever; very powerful antioxidant 

Anytime Brain Booster #1: Ferulic Acid - Powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient

Derived from: brown rice, whole wheat and oats, as well as seeds of plants such as coffee, apple, artichoke, peanut, orange, pineapple, and other fruits and vegetables.

Ferulic acid is not a traditional Ayurvedic or Chinese remedy as such. It’s a natural extract of many plants, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. But it’s been isolated from a number of medications used in these ancient healing traditions. So these traditional medicines are undoubtedly deriving some of their effectiveness from ferulic acid.

Brain-related clinical and research findings

Animal studies have proven that ferulic acid is an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. This action accounts in part for its brain boosting and protective power.1

Researchers at Hallym University (South Korea) gave ferulic acid to mice for four weeks. After four weeks, they injected beta-amyloid—a peptide that causes oxidation and inflammation—directly into the mice’s brains.

The control mice—the ones who had not received ferulic acid—showed between 19% and 35% decrease in their ability to perform certain tests. The mice given ferulic acid not only showed no decrease in performance, they showed improvement!

While the exact mechanism of this action isn’t known yet, the researchers concluded that: “These results demonstrate that long-term administration of ferulic acid induces resistance to toxicity in the brain and suggest that ferulic acid may be a useful chemo-preventive agent against Alzheimer’s disease.”

Other physiological effects

Anecdotal evidence indicates that ferulic acid protects against cancer, bone degeneration, and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Like many other antioxidants, ferulic acid reduces levels of cholesterol and triglyceride, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.2

Side effects and toxicity

Safety studies show that ferulic acid is non-toxic. Side effects have not been reported in animal studies using doses of up to 1,500 mg per day, which is about 7.5 times the amount normally taken by humans.3

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